Means feck all people, so chill!

Rangers beat Real Madrid, and as much as I’d like them to be, I can’t see them being champions of Europe somehow.

Sign another striker, don’t sign another striker, it doesn’t matter much (although we certainly will sign one), because we’ll smash this league this season, have faith!



Remember when we beat Ajax?

Aye, Trojan war took its’ toll on us all though :joy:

Goalscoring could be our Achilles heel this season. When’s Troy Deeney coming back?

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We will probably end up with Homer as a striker…D’oh !! ( or lack of it ).

He would easily slot into the Cook role and would be able to use the hundreds of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL shirts in stock

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No need to hector - it’s all Greek to me!

Scrolled down and pretty much thought that it was a picture of a new signing there, you nearly Ili-ad me!

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Harpy now ?

We went to Helen back last season.

"Was this the face that launched a thousand shirts… "

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