Prediction League 2: 2019-20 Week 7 (Sat 7th Sept)

Maverick has chosen wisely, along with about 20 other predictors. :laughing:

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you won’t go far copying me…:slight_smile::grinning:


Maybe I should start …:rofl:


Better to lose under your own steam than win under someone else’s :wink:

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Colchester United 2-0 Walsall
Mansfield Town 3-0 Scunthorpe United
Plymouth Argyle 4-0 Oldham Athletic

It’s symptomatic of the scoring system. No incentive to pick draws, away wins or high scoring games. So most of us pick “banker” homes with 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1 score lines, which, statistically is how the majority of matches end up.

Dunno, About 20% of my picks are away wins.

Plenty of people strategise picking likely draws.

Which means 80% aren’t :smile: and the away wins will be the top teams v bottom half teams, I’d wager.

Edit - If you look at bookies odds, draws are normally better than 2-1 where’s banker homes are long odds on.

It may be more like 22% and yes :grin:, people seem to go for what works for them and they feel comfortable with, such as 1-0s which HKSaddler exploited at the start of 10 seasons ago.

Statistically, everyone should go for 1-0 and 1-1s but that’s not how it works out.

Indeed, just an observation as to why so many predict the same games/scores.

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It would have translated as humourous better in real life, but the interweb makes things seem stark.

Hope you had a nicker on those scores you predicted. Fair play.

Ah, now I understand - it was meant for Butts!

Sorry mate thought I had replied to butt’s. Bet you would get a right wedge back even off a pound.

You’d be looking at over a grand for a quid

2-2 would have been 16 or 17 to 1
2-0/2-1 would have been 7 or 8 to 1

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