Predictions 2023/24

  1. AFC Wimbledon

  2. Gillingham

  3. Stockport

  4. Notts County

  5. Bradford

  6. Salford

  7. Wrexham

Bottom 2

Walsall position with the players we have now? i would say 9th, as much as i love the fact we have signed DJ, there is only so much one hero can do

YPOTS Draper

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I know it’s all a bit of fun and (mostly) wild speculation, but if MS is to believed we are still trying to bring in other players - as will be nearly every other club. Will some people be wanting to change their predictions (with Walsall placed higher - or indeed lower) in a couple of weeks when final squads become a bit clearer?

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I was going to put that in my comments as a proviso :joy:

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  1. Bradford
  2. Stockport
  3. Wrexham
  4. Salford
  5. Mk Dons
  6. AFC Wimbledon
  7. Walsall

Bottom Clubs
23. Forest Green
24. Crawley



The dream wrexham in the play off final …. All the press and tv stations in a frenzy talking up the Hollywood team but the saddlers smash them to put us on the map.

  1. Stockport County

  2. Wrexham

  3. Walsall

  4. Bradford City

  5. Accrington Stanley

  6. Notts County

  7. Gillingham

  8. Swindon

  9. Moorecombe

Walsall 3rd


Daniel Johnson



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Err. Are you predicting Walsall or Notts County to finish 6th?

Swindon and Morecambe for the drop?

Walsall 3rd

Walsall B Team 6th :wink:


Walsall auto and playoffs!
What a season!

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1 Gillingham
3.Stockport County
4.Doncaster Rovers
5.MK Dons
6. Bradford City (P)
7.Notts County

Walsall 8th



Harrogate Town

Sixth up to last day when we have a magic day and somehow end up third

  1. Stockport
  2. Walsall
  3. Crewe
  4. Forest Green
  5. Sutton
  6. Tranmere
  7. Morecombe



YPOTS - Stirk

I dont want Wrexham to be anywhere near the top. For the good of us all.


An eclectic choice if I may so say.

As it stands without anymore significant signings from ourselves.
1 Stockport
2 salford
3 Gillingham

4 mk dons
5 Bradford
6 Mansfield
7 Wrexham

23 Newport
24 Morcambe

12th Walsall

POTS stirk
YPOTS Draper


Which would be incremental progress :joy:. But dissapointing

  1. Walsall
  2. Walsall
  3. Walsall
  4. Walsall
  5. Walsall
  6. Walsall
  7. Walsall
  8. Walsall
  9. Walsall
  10. Walsall
  11. Walsall
  12. Walsall
  13. Walsall
  14. Walsall
  15. Walsall
  16. Walsall
  17. Walsall
  18. Walsall
  19. Walsall
  20. Walsall
  21. Walsall
  22. Walsall
  23. Walsall
  24. Walsall

One of them has to be spot on. :joy:


Can i get a spread bet from 12 down? :grin: :wink:

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So how do we all feel on the eve of the season?

I was hoping for a right wing back and a proper midfield no. 8 to come in if I am honest.

I can’t see us troubling the top 10 - but I hope I’m very wrong.

I don’t think we will be particularly poor, I don’t think we will have the long winless runs that has plagued us every season at this level, I just don’t think we have the attacking options to really put teams away on a consistent basis.

I think we would all be happy with showing some real progress this season - a finish of 10th would be a decent season for me - however… if it’s a bottom half struggle (again) then it will be a shocker.

I just can’t help but look at this squad, and, in the cold light of day, think that it’s actually not much different to last years. I don’t see the real step change in signings, nor the strength in midfield that we have really struggled with over the last 10 years, it seems.

If I had to bet today, I would say 12th. Anyone else more confident ?

I predicted 10th and I’ll stick by that.

I think we have a good squad with good depth.

I think we’ve been exceptionally unlucky with injuries last season and that won’t be repeated.

I think Trivela will provide support if needed to boost our chances as and when.

I think it’s a very strong division (for L2) otherwise I’d predict higher.

1 Stockport
2 Notts County
3 Mansfield

4 Wrexham
5 Bradford
6 Gillingham
7 MK Dons

23 Newport
24 Accrington

9th Walsall

POTS Daniels
YPOTS Doug Taylor

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