Premier League English Football League Loan Draft

Interesting idea touted by Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony

Not the worst idea I’ve ever heard although not sure I agree with the precise setup on the website. Better to finish 15th than 10th so you get a better pick of the top players.

I like the idea of strong arming the Premier League greedy guts into loaning their stockpiles of their cheaper talent out for free.

Yet this assumes they’re the best players to loan, but in reality lots of these promising Premier League academy chaps have zero competitive adult match experience. The best loans at this level often now seem to come from Championship clubs, that at least have had a taste of reality, and in turn a better idea of how they may perform at L1 & L2 level.

Plus the way it’s proposed the EPL clubs could choose any players to make available. With the numbers at those clubs they could fob the draft off with any young tat. Ngooooooooooooooooooooo, Timmmmmmmmmmmmmms
Et al.

Good to see him start a conversation though, throws more light on where the problems really are and who is causing them.