Pressing Questions for the Club


Bit of a tight deadline here, but can you all list questions that you feel are pressing? I will select 5 of the most pressing questions to forward on, for the club to receive and potentially offer answers.

I need these by 5pm today, so fire away.

NB. We need to stick to factual information for this please.


How does the club plan to increase and diverse its revenue streams in the next two years in order to help fund maintenance of the stadium’s facilities, youth team setup and playing squad?


Does the Club have a strategy to systematically target year on year growth in attendance figures? If so, what is it, what does the operational plan “look” like and what targets has it set itself?


Why do they think that supporters should bother coming to games when the facilities are poor, the relationship between those in charge and fans is abysmal and there is no indication of anything being done to improve things?


Who, or what decides the ‘market value’ of the stadium and rent?
Coventry only pay £100,000 per annum to play at the Ricoh.
We pay 4x that for far inferior facilities.


What is done, if anything, to monitor the effectiveness of current ticket initiatives and offers? Why are the same offers continually rolled out despite seemingly very little success? Why do our ticket offers not appear anywhere on the online ticket outlet?

Is market research completed as it is clear our local rivals in higher divisions are charging less for better facilities and a higher standard of football?

Why does nearly every club in the football league recognise the ‘young adult’ category as a key target market and offer discounted tickets, while we completely fail to recognises this market in our ticket structure? We have numerous examples of 18 - 22 year olds being lost because it is £10 cheaper to go and watch Villa or Blues at that age.

  1. We have to accept the reality of being the smallest club (not in heart) locally and the obvious pressures that brings in respect of attendances, facilities, resource etc - how is it then that the club have no idea how to do what’s required to ensure we retain (at worst) but seek to grow (at best) our limited fan-base?

  2. Ticketing is pivotal for us all (incl of course STH) but in the case of casual ‘fans’ (dare I call them customers :roll_eyes:) which we are supposedly targeting with our uselessly managed ‘offers’ every now and then, are better informed, keen to get value for money and expect facilities that are at least up to acceptable standards - why then do we have no clear and simple to understand strategy for match-day pricing? By the way the argument of ensuring STH are not disadvantaged is old hat and just an excuse for doing nowt!

  3. I reiterate Rugbysaddlers point:

Who, or what decides the ‘market value’ of the stadium and rent?
Coventry only pay £100,000 per annum to play at the Ricoh.
We pay 4x that for far inferior facilities.

  1. Can the club produce it’s legal documentation in respects of ground safety and risk assessment - I ask because if someone slipped on the urine soaked floors in the toilets and got injured, the club would be taken to the cleaners (no pun intended) because the state of the facilities is well documented and H&S would have a field day (watch the colour drain from SG’s face as you ‘dead-pan’ deliver that one.

  2. JB says he’s received bids in the past that don’t reach his valuation of the club - can he be absolutely specific about what is his valuation and explain how he’s reached that figure


We know pension fund can be drew down on as the club as been loaned money from t before at the two brothers request
So my question would be could they loan the money to purchase freehold of stadium, and the money be repaid as a morgadge style repayment
This way the rent would no longer be dead money but , would be used as a repayment for said loan agreement , would be no different to borrowing from other reputable sources I’e bank,s etc, but we all know that banks will not lend to football clubs
But if this could be done maybe a way of reuniting wfc with ownership of its own home


What year do we stop paying 500.000 to the pension fund


I absolutely hate this , accept being the smallest club , why can’t we become a bigger club and get the level of support some of our local rivals enjoy ? the borough is certainly big enough to get 10 , 15 maybe 20 thousand if the club was taken seriously because lets face it if you support a team you want to be seen trying to win things i.e leagues , cups , what ever not just ■■■■■■■ well ticking over year in year out FFS.

It’s down to the way the club has operated for years !
We sell sell , and sell because there has never been anyone financially ambitious enough to gamble , and actually throw some money at it , and genuinely try to get the best players to actually want to stay here because they felt like they could win stuff , and not just use us as a stepping stone to one of THE bigger clubs which lets face it could be absolutely anyone .

I know that’s easy for some of us to say but it really will never grow its fan base with the past history repeated year after year , it’s so predictable , and it’s starting to grind the loyal supporters down , and stopping some of the hard core fans going anymore .

If someone came in , and showed people that they wanted to have a successful football club , and not just a front for business they would come , and support that owner .

It’s chicken and egg


Why won’t bonser sell the club lock stock and barrel, the club the freehold everything? to a prospective buyer that has the fans interest at heart, if he is our number one fan???


It’s nothing more than accepting the facts RedandWhite.

I hate it too but it’s statistically realistic and based on what the situation is.

I agree, a town the size of Walsall could and should be well able to support its home club hugely more than it does but frankly (and I detest this) thousands of Walsall residents that support football clubs do so but it’s not us…

Walsall is one of the largest (most populated) towns in the UK ( based on stats excl cities.) The fact that we are in the situation we are is more about the lack of investment, leadership and creativity of the board and the simple fact that it fails in every respect to develop our fan base…


That 's the same really as i was trying to put it but you expressed it so much better :rofl:

We all know money breeds success , and success brings bigger gates …there’s the problem right there :thinking:

But i don’t want to just except it anymore , we COULD be a sleeping giant if it was done properly


We agree - the problem is finding a solution!

Difficult with JB at the helm as we all know…:frowning_face:


Why doesn’t Bonser have an exit strategy and aren’t the board concerned by this or are they also prepared to sit there and let the club die when Jeff does?


They’ll no doubt cross that burnt bridge when they get to it. If he fell off his perch tonight where does that leave the club, not to mention the stadium and the land?


Dean Keates has said he wants to create a football team the town can be proud of. Is this a philosophy shared by the board and chairman? If so, how is such a philosophy currently being implemented, and where do the club see areas for improvement?

What effort is the club making to increase match day attendance and experience?

Will the club consider implementing a ‘young adult’ ticket price as seen at most clubs of comparable size to ourselves? If not - why not?

Do the school initiatives work? Is there follow up work such as writing to all parents of children who have attended offering them a reduced ticket for another match in an attempt to secure permanent new fans?

Many fans have highlighted the difficulty for a ‘floating fan’ to purchase a ticket on the day. Will the club consider looking into the match day ticketing policy?

How do the club react to the fact that some young Walsall fans are instead attending Birmingham City matches because tickets for youngster are cheaper at St Andrews?


We are in the final year of the decade.

How do the board judge the club’s performances over the past 10 seasons against their “aim” of gaining promotion to the Championship?

In that period we have finished in the top half only three times. How do they explain this failure to come close to achieving said goal and what plans are in place to achieve it in the next decade?


My family and I spend hundreds of pounds travelling to Bescot and beyond to support our football team. It’s coming to head now that we can’t justify forking out this large amount of money when other pastimes and hobbies could be perused.
Can the club, hand on heart, really say that the product provided is value for money, especially in comparison to our peers and other entertainment options?


Can the board rate its recent achievements out of 10 and explain their scrore?