Pressing Questions for the Club


They’d provide an undisclosed ranking…


Pretty sure there’d be a sell-out clause…


or should that be …achievement ? after all they did give the toilets a lick of paint .

Oh and apparently they’re now painting the outside of the stadium … BROWN :grinning:


Doesn’t look brown to me:


There was supposed to be a joke in that …:poop::see_no_evil::rofl::rofl:


Great to see them painting the exterior, but why red and grey again? Why not just red? What’s the significance of painting some sections grey?


Christ this really is grim reading! What a mess


Isn’t grey paint cheaper?


Perhaps it reflects the mood fans feel when entering and general apathy.


Our stadium is no longer pink. The club is spoiling us.


Yes,we’re thinking of doing the living room in Dulux’s new range Cuirasse’ gris…it’s all the go in the leafy suburbs of the Delves :grinning:





Bonzo has a contact in the navy :grin:


There was me thinking it was Goosewing or Merlin.
But no, it’s Frigate !


For me personally it feels this meeting and the WSFC movement as a whole is literally the last throw of the dice to keep me interested in my football team.

The lack of success on the pitch makes it more unbearable but my eyes have really been opened the last couple of seasons to the lack of care, increasingly so, to the fanbase. It is getting worse.

The worrying this is, is that its happening again; lick of paint, paper the cracks & shut em all up. It’s up to the Walsall fans themselves whether they really want a change or just allow Bonsers 90’s model to continue to the next generation of Bonsers. In which case I will be long gone.

I still have fight and passion for Walsall FC in me, but if this movement all meekly dies off again so will that final fleeting bit of love for the club. It’s up to the fans…


Ask the club why we continue to bring back players such sad Laird and Osbourne… egos actually pulling the strings behind the scenes and what’s the justification?


Here’s a pressing question.

Flat front or pleats for Bonser when he has his investment meetings with Suffolk Life?

I’m figuring pleats with adult nappies to hide the ■■■■ stains when they talk about profit and capital gain over the original investment.


I’m surprised j-i-z-z is on the banned list. Maybe I should have said chairman batter…


Just came across some great quotes from Bonser in 2008

“My ambition, which is shared by each of my board colleagues, is for Walsall Football Club to return to the Championship. We are building a club that will not only be able to do this, but compete effectively at the higher level, rather than just survive.”

11 years down the line, it would be very interesting to know how this “building” process has worked out.


Probably a bit late to this given Rob’s post but would like to know if the club will scrap the Cat A prices next season regardless of the division they’re in.

Obviously charging those prices would be nonsense in league 2 with travelling supports being much reduced but really it should also be scrapped if team stays in league one.