Price of season ticket

my early bird season ticket is around £190(over 60s),i know over the last 6 or so seasons the football has been dire, uninspiringand at times it’s a real struggle to keep going at times but taking everthing into concideration it’s worth the money, my son who has had a season ticket at the villa for over 20 years now ,he had his reminder come today for the lower holte end (cheap seats) for a cost of £667,and that’s for only 19 matches i suppose with over 24,000 on the waiting list he has to pay or go without.
we can and rightly so do some moaning at bescot but we can’t moan at that


Premier League and their riches in comparison to League 2 :man_shrugging:

F**k the Villa


I’m not aware of many clubs that offer concessions at 60. I’ve had one even though I’ll only be able to see half the games
£189 for 23 games is almost stealing.
Cheers Leigh :+1:

How have Villa got 24000 on the waiting list? I’m not saying you are wrong but they closed the home section of the Whitton when they got relegated. Just how many fans disappeared? What a fickle bunch.

It is just a shite club with shite fans living on past exploits :laughing:

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Nineteen eighty fecking two :roll_eyes:


You can’t really compare our prices to Villa’s.

It’s like comparing the prices of tickets in London’s west end for those at the Grange Playhouse. The production and cast, the prestige and the venue will yield a premium despite both theatres hosting musicals.

Like it or not players like Coutinho for Villa and visitors like Ronaldo are global superstars featuring in the highest profile league in the world.

There’s a premium for that which the left back for Harrogate, despite allegedly playing the same game, cannot command. Hence the thousands of empty seats at our place versus the huge waiting list at theirs.

It’s why following us is a distinct and different choice. And one I’ve never regretted.


You are right
Ours are worth much more :laughing:

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I get what your saying, but isn’t it also an opportunity to nab some of their fans on the waiting list?

Yes. If the reports are to be believed, Wolves and Villa have a combined waiting list in excess of 35,000.

If there was a way of diverting a few our way for a bit I wouldn’t be too proud. There’s probably three to five thousand of that lot with Walsall post codes.

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Let’s hope we are playing well whilst the World Cup is on as we might attract a few followers of those teams.

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@WalsallOne not a bad marketing idea for those attached to clubs who will break.

‘Spend the World Cup at Walsall’

‘World Cup or Walsall? Choose both’


Its actually pretty cheap to watch Premier League Football, £30 quid for an away ticket with concessions. You will pay similar or more in League One.

My son’s junior season ticket at Newcastle has cost £4.30 per month for the last 8 years for a fantastic seat. He’s turned 18 and has opted to keep his seat on at £40 a month despite now being on the ground staff.

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Even if we competed on price what’s attracting them to the Poundland. If they are lucky they would see us win, if they are lucky.

rinse and repeat.

I can tell you now 99 percent of wolves or whoever think we are laughable, its a pointless task trying to attract that market.

Never understood why people try to compare the cost of a season ticket between clubs like Walsall and Villa.

The cost of a season ticket will always be worth it no matter how bad we are because it’s the time with family and friends which makes it all worth it.

I’m a Walsall fan and i pay money for a season ticket to watch us, i couldnt be bothered by how much the Villa charge because i have no interest in them.

Same goes for football tops, “Oh it’s £40 for a Walsall top, but its only £49,99 for a Villa top”, yeah but I’m a Walsall fan :smile:


Unfortunately, you are right.

You are right because a mixture of legislation and the constraints of our own imagination mean that attending a Walsall game is just a poor version of attending a Wolves/Villa game.

It is absurd because when you bridge the same gap down the pyramid you can have a fundamentally different experience despite the “product” on the pitch being of inferior quality. When I go to Marine I can stand and watch the football. And I can stand on any one of three sides of the pitch at any time I choose. And I can do that with a pint in my hand. For £10. An actual ten pound note that I can give to a person at 2:50 who will let me in to watch the football.

If we could offer that kind of different experience I think we could attract many more floaters, neutrals and casuals (that’s the title for my next book sorted!). A good 80% of the reason we can’t is that legislatively going to watch Walsall is the same as going to a Premier League game. Which is daft.

In all honesty the low prices fall inline with the crap we have to watch and the investment.

Let’s not kid ourselves that we’re getting a real bargain.

£8.22 per game is a real bargain to watch league football.

If you want the cheapest offering I guess.