Priestley Farguharson out for 3 months

Priestley’s injury is a bad one with his achilles.and is be out with injury least 3 months. Had his leg in a cast after the game and on crutches.

They were also concerned about Osin, but i didnt manage to find out how bad his injury was before i left.

I worry about the defence against an Andy Cook who has just bagged himself a hat trick. God help us.


It looked like an achilles injury. Hopefully it’s only minor.

Okagbue out for a month too, we could do with a signing or two in the next week.

But a decent signing or 2! We can’t keep hoping for the best. It’s obviously difficult now but there are a few decent free agents out there still

There is a sense of deja vu here. Relative to a few weeks’ ago we have lost 4 players who can play at centre back. If McEntee is going to be out for a while, we are going to be struggling to put out a defence at all.

Could Hussey come back as an emergency cover?

No, he’s signed for Stratford Town

I’m relieved if was only 3 months to be fair, the way he limped off was similar to Labadie and thought it might be yet another ACL.

Still a massive blow.


Probably the worst possible time for this to happen as he’s such an imposing figure especially with the games that are coming up.
I wish him a speedy recovery.

Our defensive line up bar Daniels is incredibly poor now. Badly need a centre back or two in.

Unusually westies source on the length of priestly injury was greatly wrong
Could be out for like a Week at most , inflammation not a tear x

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I thought we were being unlucky with injuries but this might suggest otherwise

I suppose, relative to squad size, we would still be near the top of the list but it does show how long-term injuries have become the norm. There is also this

Still no idea when he’ll be back quote Sadler “ There isn’t a time frame at the minute. ”

CB signing is a must now in Jan. DD is the only one that can be relied upon. Farq will be out for most of the season and McEntee is a midfielder (…).

A CB and RB needed as soon as possible.

Sounds like Joe Riley last season

Yes but we’re reaping the rewards now !

Do they give players a full medical before signing.There seems to be a history of signing sick notes.


I don’t like when they start saying no time frame. Earing and Riley last season had no time frame.


It was reported in the E&S that Farquharson has “Plantar fasciitis". Friends of mine have had this in the past and it took in excess of 6 months for it to clear up. Very Painful condition. It is inflammation and the treatment is simple; stretching, icing, rest, wearing supports in shoes. I have read that Jordan Henderson suffered from this in the past. A steroid injection may help but I don’t know any more than that. Probably explains why Matt Sadler can’t put a time frame on recovery.

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best get a cb in sharpish now Williams should not be playing every week.