Priestley Farquharson Signs

In all likelihood. Link to follow…

Is he from the Fortesque Farquahars of Bedfordshire? Will he hire out his lawn for Walsall supporters to have barbeques in?

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England International no less ( at Beach Soccer )

Anyone noticed a queue of sand lorries heading to the Bezzla ?

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Looks a good signing based on the reaction from Newport fans to him announcing he’s leaving them earlier today. Swindon fans were expecting him to sign for them but I wonder if this potentially paves the way for Daniels to go there?

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Proper signing that is :+1:


Top, top signing

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Fantastic signing but I hope we aren’t losing DD


I’m taking it as Monthe replacement to be honest.


Gabriel Sutton reacts:

(Context on links, please!)

What’s with the retro shirt in the picture?

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Is this lad a left footer … or right footer.

Left monthe
Right Daniels

Priestley Farquharson and Crodley.I have to say I feel posh all of a sudden.


I think it suggests a back 3 with Allen signing…

Which is a bit worrying if you ask me.

I do like this signing in isolation though. I just hope to god we move away from 3 at the back, because it’s bored me to tears for the last 4 years.

They said, it works, if done right and you have specialists in its positions - but that’s a budget problem I guess.

“Every time I have played here, it’s been a tough place to come”

With that name, and the above quote, I’m starting to see a connection.

Nonetheless, looks a good signing.


I’m very impressed with that. Good age. Turned down a deal at his current club to come here, they wanted to keep him. Used to playing in a three. Very nice.


Upgrade you mean

Can we sign some forwards please, oooh am I moaning

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Btw - the retro kit looks a load better than the actual kit.


His name reminded me of Lord Farquhar from Shrek.

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