Promotion from National League

No moneybags Wrexham next season. Just lost to Grimsby. Could be them and the Buckley connection or Solihull.


Really hoping for Solihull

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You’ve got to laugh!


Well done Grimsby, it’ll be nice to see them again if they win the playoff final. If those Americans decide to walk away Wrexham will be dropped right in it, I think it’s just a hobby for them .

Can’t rule out Chesterfield of course.

:joy: f*ck you Wrexham hope you stay down there for years to come.

Racialist! :wink:

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Aslong as it wasn’t Wrexham I didn’t care.
Don’t want Wrexham and Salford both in the same league spending loads rubbish attendances and failing miserably
Proper team like Grimsby any day

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:joy: one things for sure neither side can defend set pieces how many goals came from corners or long throw ins? About 5 or 6 of the 9 it seemed.

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And great for a day out/stay over in Wrackland and the fish and chips are bostin’

Glad the Hollywood moneyball lost

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Fantastic news. Money can’t guarantee success and league Two doesn’t become the BBC’s “Salford and Wrexham” league!

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Brilliant result. Well done Grimsby.

Chesterfield or Grimsby for me. I used to want Wrexham back but not since they started splashing the cash. Interestingly (or not) just came across AC Oulu vs SJK staring Alfie Bates. Nice to see the lad playing but the standard of football is shocking.

I too am glad that Grimsby won.

But I do think the Salford/Wrexham comparisons are a little unfair on Wrexham. Wrexham are an established football club that has been at the heart of a community for a long time. They can muster tens of thousands in much the same way we can.

Also their owners are quite straightforward in their alignment. They’ve become invested and are chucking some of their fortune in. What they aren’t doing is simultaneously espousing the virtues of a meritorious competition rooted in the traditions of the football league.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty glad they’ve failed because as others I’ve said, this is the fourth division and not reality television that would add another unfair screw into clubs like ours. But on the spectrum of distaste they aren’t as far to the right as Salford.


Off topic a bit but plenty of empty seats at Wembley for the ‘big’ teams play off.

Vale 2 up😡

Mansfield down to 10 men. Probably all over

That Darrell Clarke’s wank ay he!


What an awful manager!

Some people have short memories have you all forgotten his constant changing of formations and tactics and the fact he got his starting line ups so badly wrong he made 3 substitutes after 30 minutes oh and the fact that he slagged players off left right and centre.Anyone can be successful with money and a back room team like he has,one of which is Crosby who probably does all the hard work infact take a look at the touch line now and again and you’ll see him actually doing that donkey work