Promotion from National League

Always the managers fault here not the clowns running the show.

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The blokes on the board are useless arseholes obviously :smiley: but Clarke wasn’t without his faults especially the examples I’ve just mentioned.

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Thats fair in some ways mate the difference is backing though and when he has been he has done well good team around him there and good owners.

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It’s just another example of players/managers not doing well here - and doing better other places. It’s become a familiar pattern.

I’m not shocked given the fallout of the last 5 years.

Let’s hope Flynn has the same effect as Clarke had at Vale, and the club actually decide to back him this summer.


Abso bloody lutely

He has to mate or then what? its shit or bust for me now.

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Don’t think anyone is saying that he doesn’t have his faults, more that with the right backing and set up he’s a proven, successful manager at this level.


Yep, this place is a graveyard for talent.

He’s now only 1 of 2 managers to come out of this place in the past 40 years, maybe, to go on to some level of success.


It didn’t work out at Walsall for whatever reasons. He looked like he was ill at times with the stress.

He has a pretty good CV for his age that a lot of managers would kill for. Let’s not forget why he left Walsall, because we sold players and gave him nothing to replace them with. A pretty wise move from him.

I’m not sure what backing he has had at Port Vale, I read that their top earners were on £1850 a week and we have heard stories that of what Wilkinson is on at Walsall. I guess having help with the recruitment at Vale has helped a lot.

I’m not sure about giving him a 5 year deal though, there is only one winner from that deal and it won’t be Port Vale.


I think that’s as good a summary as any.

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Fancy grabbing a player by the throat and WWF slamming him into the ground then flying into a challenge like that minutes later I bet these managers despair at times :joy:

Watched Wrexham v Grimsby at my old man’s & what a cracking, good quality game it was!
The best footballing side was clearly, in my eyes, Grimsby & I’m glad that they won.
Not fussed who wins the final next week though it seems clear to me that there is very little differentiation, quality-wise, between the National League & League 2…


Yeah, sounded a great game. Hope Grimsby come up, but I feel it’s one of those situations where they’ve already given everything they have.

Get in Grimsby!! After the last 2 games I really hope they come up now.

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Wrexham get better attendances than we do. Glad its not them though


Gonna miss those 6 points off Vale like.

Also, why did we ever let Benning go?

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Completely, if god forbid this goes wrong and Flynn goes then it really will be a very long way back for Pomlett and Co.

I can perhaps understand your comparison in respect of financial investment but, Wrexham and Salford are as far apart as you can get. Wrexham are a proper club lucky enough to have received an unexpected financial boost… and i don’t begrudge them. I’d much rather have them in the league than Salford, with their attendances, which are on a par with us, if not better.

Having said that, not unhappy that Grimsby have given themselves a chance to join us.


Despise Fail with every bone in my body but some things more important than football. Obviously won’t mean a huge amount to DC in the big scheme of things but I for one don’t begrudge him a moment of light after what he’s been through. As for who comes up… couldn’t give a monkeys really, all got their positives and all good away days. Moors would be good a. cos never been there and b. i’d get a chance to rip the mick out of Karl from Bolt Thrower who now goes there since he got banned from St Andrews :sweat_smile: :rofl:


They’ve averaged 8,114 at home this season. Whatever else you can say about them, their attendances are very good. What we’d give to average that many.