Promotion Odds

So we are 16/1 to win the league and 3/1 to win promotion.

Anyone had a bet yet? If so what?

Next week I shall have £100 on us to win the league.

Are you delusional? Are we really going to pip Bradford, Scunthorpe, Plymouth, Salford, Newport and the rest? I think top 10 is more realistic with our “half-a-shoestring” budget.


At this rate, 16th is more like it.
It’s a pity we aren’t playing Mansfield last and we can all sit down on the pitch.

I think those odds look about right. Clarke looks a good appointment but that doesn’t make him Superman . He’s not the only manager with a good record in the division.

Delusional? No

Faith in DC? Yes

Did anyone (apart from optimistic Luton fans) ever think Luton would win League 1? No.

We all start on 0 points and who knows what players will come in.


It’ll be hard but it isn’t impossible. Most of Clarke’s business is yet to be done. Darrell Clarke himself was the most important signing.
Don’t forget Notts Co. were favourites or near-favourites a year ago and look how that worked out.

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It’s a little early yet. See what the next ten days brings regarding ins and outs at The Bank’s Stadium.

That’s supposed to be a reply to Ken Dodd by the way.

I’m not optimistic about this season at all, we keep having one of the lowest budgets, don’t even think we would have top 4 budget in conference,pay peanuts get monkeys, I know it’s not always the case but this relegation has been on the cards for years apart from the season we finished 3rd

It’s a hundred quid, not his life savings (hopefully). The cost of a night out or a couple of concert tickets etc etc. A bit of fun :smile:

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Bit of delusion creeping in here? More like see what the first week in August brings! Just remember whose hands are on the purse strings, no matter what Manager happens to be in charge of the poison chalice at the time.

Prefer to wait for the points spread.
Would be tempted to buy around the 65-68 mark.

Me too, but it will likely be early to mid seventies. Anything in the 60’s and I’ll be lumping on.

Can I just correct you there W4E: that should be purse “string”. :wink:

Sureley this could be the season we get some new fans on board, just wish scrooge would invest abit show abit of ambition, start winning every week breeds confidence, play better football attract more fans, simple. But yet again we start preseason with 10 players

Still planning to have a ton on us winning the league? We’ve only got 9 players and pre-season starts on Monday. I’d keep it in your wallet, mate.

Absolutely, I have a sneaky feeling we wont start the season with 9 players, I suspect we will have a minimum 11.


Yes, but will they be any good? I like your optimism, Sir K A D - I hope you are right.

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In June 2017, Clarke signed a new five-year contract.[39] However speaking later in December he said he felt “let down” by the club for its wage policy and infrastructure, saying they were “30 years behind” other clubs.[40] He further admitted some of his players were struggling with the increased expectations following recent successes, though Rovers still managed to end the 2017–18 campaign in 13th-place.[41] In June 2018 he graduated with the FA’s highest coaching qualification (FA Level 5 UEFA Pro).[42] He left his post on 13 December 2018 following a run of seven defeats in ten matches; at the time of his departure he was the fourth-longest serving manager in the EFL.[43]

We have to have faith in the above… No panic stations just yet

Highest coaching qualifications out there, hes done this before. We need to trust.

I am also of the opinion if Bonser was really shafting him, he would walk.

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Interesting. Is that WFC’s attraction for him? To do the modernisation here, he couldn’t achieve at Bristol?

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