Protest at Bolton

There has been talks of protests at Bolton - Cypriot flags are £4 on EBay and will arrive before Saturdays match - would be brilliant to see an away end full of Cypriot flags: would certainly attract some media attention. Cyprus Collectable Flags for sale | eBay

Did someone say Cyprus? :grimacing:

Happy to bring mine out of retirement if I can find it.

I’ll bring one - probably won’t do much in the grand scheme of things but the board needs to sit up and take notice of our club going to ■■■■

Well I am going to support the team who have a good chance of reaching the 4th round for the first time in a number of years. The idea that waving a few flags is going to change things is just daft. I have posted many times that I think it is time for JB to go but this will not hasten his departure and it could be a distraction from the game.


I would add on this occasion it probably isn’t the right time, as I haven’t yet had a response to my letter to the club. It would be worth seeing what they come back with first, having thought about it, before taking any action in any way.


Each to their own, but even if it only results in the board actually waking up to what is going on and knocking a few quid off kids tickets or offering other incentives it’ll be a success - wont hold my breath though but doing nothing will result in nothing

You do know you can support your team as well as wave a flag in protest. If the team fail to perform due to a few Cyprus flags then they need to ■■■■ off as well as JB.


Will only be the same old response as others that have previously tried

I think the Board are well aware of our current issues and I am looking forward to the next fans focus meeting where those issues can be discussed. The ticketing(pricing) issues being the most important in that the 'early bird" information will be out soon.As for the other grumbles about Toilets etc those can and should be resolved by the time we play Scunthorpe. If not then the Club will deserve all it gets as those basics are essential when an organisation hosts a few thousand people.There is simply no excuse.

Yep I do know that and I hope that happens .

I get the impression you’re already pinning a potential loss on fans protesting

It’s not just about having clean toilets though! It’s the fact WE have to pay for them when we’re already paying half a million in rent! That won’t resolve itself any time soon so it’s time to speak out.

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Not at all…I think we will win !!

Agreed but that won’t change until the ownership changes so in the meantime the very least we can expect is toilets that work and are clean.

Well it’s time to try and force change.

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But in some sort of order. We’ve all got behind Rob’s letter. We need to give that chance to succeed or fail. Otherwise, we’re playing into their hands. We’ll look like a few disorganised hot-heads otherwise.

I don’t think a few flags at Bolton away plays into their hands. I’m not saying go steaming in. It has to build.

Even so, the protests go deeper than the toilets being sorted, running out of pies or whatever current short term issues we have

It does. A half-arsed protest before they can say they had chance to respond to the letter does play into Bonser’s hands.

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I don’t understand what you mean by “playing into Bonsers hands”. This whole situation is playing into Bonsers hands, more precisely his pocket.

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