Protest at Bolton


Mixed feelings about this, although I’ll probably be protesting as usual when we let in the comedy 94th minute equaliser.
Quite happy for some of the most voluble people on here to wave their flags - although doing it while sitting on the bog in Beechdale isn’t really going to have much of an impact IMO.


What wrong with getting the ball rolling against Bolton? Don’t really know how that’s on par with the drivel on WFHYS.


I have been reading but not bothered posting this season but the idea of people protesting and waving Cypriot flags at Bolton at a time when we have reached the third round of the cup is beyond belief.

Bolton are the club with major problems not Walsall. I thought people were settling down in the last 6 months but here we go again,a New Year but same old moans.

Will it make a difference by protesting. It might affect the team if thats what people want but I doubt if it will do much more. They might sort the toliets.

You just couldn’t make it up!


Hi hun, u ok? xx


Must …not …rock … the …boat.


Beyond belief?!

Instead of replying to you, just try the below threads to get a just a taster of all that is wrong at the club and how the majority of fans are now becoming royally ■■■■■■ off. As @kshammer said on one post, why not ask the club how many fans they think will be left if this continues; probably just yourself and a few from WFHYS!



These type of things are all about perception aren’t they. Charlton/Leyton Orient/Coventry’s protests over the past few years have been organised and prepared for weeks/months beforehand and therefore attracted national media attention when they actually took place. They also have a very clear message that they’re getting across, they want their owners gone because of the very public harm that they are impacting onto their club.

The problem that we have, and it’s been pointed out by several posters previously, is that from the outside looking in it will probably seem absurd that we’re protesting against an owner that’s kept us solvent, in League One etc etc. Our issues are a lot more complex than just simply ‘We want X out, because of Y.’

I liked the banner idea with the Rotherham, Luton and Bournemouth quote as it really shows the stagnation we’ve endured as a club during that period. Another angle could be to highlight the ridiculous amount of rent we pay for our stadium, whilst supporters are forced to endure shocking facilities and customer experience. This way we can bust some of the myths surrounding the running the club, whilst also highlighting why the fanbase has had enough.

I would not be totally against getting the ball rolling at Bolton, but I would worry that the outside perception of a protest against an unambitious, stagnant owner like Bonser, at a ground where the home team are struggling to even pay their players each month…


Come to think of it, isn’t it funny how Optimistic pops up every time there is unrest? Don’t hear from the geezer when all is calm! He only registered at a time when there was talk of protests if memory serves…then proceeded to reply to all negativity with sickly positive messages!

People are writing to the club and posting concerns again and BANG! Here he is again!

I smell a rat, or more likely a ‘mole’ :joy::joy:


Smells like Troll to me personally.


He’s a troll. A really ■■■■ one.


Blackpool away isn’t far off and we normally take a good number up there. What about a joint protest with their fans (outside the ground, as they are boycotting games)?


Any protest needs to be simple, needs to be in the ground, needs to be on one issue, and something everyone can feel a part of.

“Where’s the money gone?”


Thinking of a banner.

“Go and Support Luton, Rotherham or Bournemouth”

“Where’s the money and investment gone, Jeff?”


They used half the Ginnelly fee for a Tassimo coffee machine at the Essington training ground.


How about just supporting the lads and hopefully making it to the 4th round. Sounds like it will just put a downer on the day to me!


I’m sure people will donate to the cost of any banners on here. If people do donate I’ve been thinking of asking people to donate for a few flags at home. A Saint George flag in homage to Dobbo, one about Keates, Cookie perhaps? If there’s interest I’m happy to help organise. Would be a nice touch before games and helps create a connection and a positive atmosphere between players and fans.


Protesting at Away Games is a good idea.
You aren’t gonna get banned, you’re not gonna get shouted down by the passive pensioners & you’re gonna get noticed by the media, in a small concentrated area of the ground. Most importantly you are supporting the team and not giving Bonser any of your hard earned cash.

As many have said though, it has to be persistent and it has to have a spokesperson/social media campaign.

I’d like to see us plan this properly for Coventry Away in February and follow up at Burton. Great turnout including stay aways & loads of Cypriot flags and also throw rent books on the pitch after 26mins!


We’re still here, why are you? :rofl:



Love it. Add a Cyprus flag and it will be perfect lol


I could get that with Bonser in white to complement the Out too!