Protest Saturday

This doesn’t need much explaining.

If you’re going Saturday - protest. If it’s ear cupping, shouting, booing or gathering round the back after. Let them have it.

This club, board, players and management team are an absolute disgrace from top to bottom.

Bonser out!



I bought a ticket a few weeks ago for this as I’m at home for the fixture. The only reason I’m going is to let the players , club and directors know what I think of them.


Let’s organise something here. Doesn’t need much - just voices to be heard.

Waste of time and crap timing overall…

Basically, all that looks like is that fans are objecting to relegation and who (as a fan) wouldn’t

It will have nil effect and mearly be classed (by our inept board) as the fans getting hacked off at a crap season

Surely the whole point of a fan movement is to construct and maintain a well planned series of actions that have meaning and momentum (with an outcome we can all buy into…)

Obviously what Rob and Simon have started is in its early days but a protest at the last home game of the season is (in my opinion) futile


I severely disagree.

I’ve been personally campaigning for over ten years about the pension fund issue.

What we have here is a symptom of this. The club has no ambition. We are a laughing stock.

I was brought up in the Black Country, and the one thing I was taught was to never back down, and to never take anything lying down.

Are we that apathetic now that we will just let a relegation pass by without comment?

■■■■ that. Let them know we are not happy - and see what happens on the ride.

Bonser out.


Best protest would be an empty stadium!
Bonser would shat himself!

Alternatively as I’ve constantly stated for years, we need organised, vocal, consistent protest over a sustained period to effect change at our club.

The club is dying & needs wholesale change.


Spot on. If people think protests are valid, where were they during the first 10 matches of the season? If they are valid, they need to start next season even if we’re top. Otherwise, as you say, it’s easily dismissed as fans just disgruntled by relegation


I agree mate (with your feelings)

What I’m saying is that it will mean nothing other than fan protest at relegation and a crap season

You don’t need to explain to me about action and not giving up - I’ve supported my club for over 40 years with very few good times in that period…

I’ve also posted elsewhere a few times of the episode around 14 years ago when I wrote to JB to express my disgust at the way the club was being run and his position in it and he replied and invited to meet me - I explained my feelings and position and he accepted i had valid points but he thought he would placate me with long winded details of salvaging the sinking ship years ago ego etc - yawn yawn

A few fans (and it always is just a few fans) protesting means nothing to that man

I’d love the thought of a thousand or so expressing their frustrations to him but it seems not enough are ever interested


100% mate

Who cares ?

We are going to be relegated. Are we seriously that apathetic that we will let a relegation go without any comment?

It’s not finishing 17th - this is going down to the basement. This is a disgrace.

I will not let this go - and I have been on about the pension fund for 15 years.

I will fight and show my passion for this club, even if it means ‘looking like a reaction to relegation’

That’s EXACTLY what it should ■■■■■■■ be like! We should be ■■■■■■■ angry!


And you’re entitled to do that and I recognise your passion. My opinion is that sometimes anger needs to be channeled in order to be most effective. Maybe you’re right, maybe I am, maybe it’s somewhere in between. Do what feels right for you.

Edit: the thing that bothers me is that this relegation isn’t solely about the owner. Yes there’s the huge issue of the rent but, notwithstanding that, the budget was enough and the backing was enough for us to have survived this season. We’ve been relegated because our manager turned out to be probably the most dire one we’ve had in all our years, signing up sub standard players and wasting huge amounts of budget in the transfer window. Thus now doesn’t feel the right time for the protest against the owner to me. That’s just by way of explanation of my position

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Do either of these, go in at half time or boycott it altogether. I won’t be going, again, despite having a s t and not renewing for next year. They do not deserve anyone there as they couldn’t care less.

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I think ultimately the long term strategy is probably a boycott…

I’m more thinking of a visceral reaction to an actual real relegation.

This can’t go unchallenged.

Unfortunately, my overriding feeling at the moment is apathy - I just can’t be a*sed. I don’t really feel angry just bored with it all. I’m sure a lot of other fans feel the same - Bonser has knocked all the desire and joy out of following my hometown club. This season has been absolutely dire and, quite frankly, I can’t wait for it to be over. I’ll be very happy to never see Leahy, Guthrie, Cook, Osbourne, Ismail and Laird in a Walsall shirt again. And if Edwards and Kinsella decide to leave then I won’t be that bothered TBH. I’d like to keep Conor Johnson if possible.


Pretty much spot on with those names. There was a time when I liked leahy and I don’t go with the ridiculous targeting of his Twitter posts, but he’s clearly a player with some ability who hasn’t performed week after week for a good long time now. He needs to take a good look at himself and decide if he wants to play at a decent level or bounce around lower division clubs, being moved on when everyone realises he’s not got a winner’s mentality

Can’t keep saying, ‘it isn’t the right time’. When will it be? Upper league 2 , mid, lower?

Protests need to loud, sustained and hostile.


Well if we lose Saturday and relegation is confirmed then that’s the right time. :+1:

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The right time is to sustain a forceful approach based not on relegation but on the resistance to the leach like strangulation of our club on an ongoing and consistent basis by way of personal financial arrangements to a family PF - when will folk realise that a protest at the end of a season is futile - it just looks like an objection to a crap season and not to the source of the problem at our club

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I disagree.

The long term sustained protest is mutually exclusive to a protest about being relegated.

We are going to be relegated right? I’m not going mad am I?

Should we just sit there Saturday and politely clap them off if it’s confirmed then?

It’s fine mate - disagree we will and no problem with it

I agree, any relegation deserves a reaction but The key question will remain - how do we rid ourselves of this leach and his approach…

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