Protest today


Given that we are on the telly today, what are the plans for protest?

• Rent books thrown on the pitch
• Cyprus flags waved throughout
• Pension fund banner towed by a plane

Asking for a friend?



Good point. It does seem to have gone very quiet lately?

Any updates from Rob and others in the know?

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So called protest action will die a slow death of apathy like all the other protests have down the years since the days shortly before Bonser made his swift and profitable take-over.
Sorry but once again I have to reject this tea and cakes approach of WSC. I could have written the script for the ‘Boards’ responses to our polite questions.
We will slide into the 4th Division without so much as a whimper, and, as usual, the Walsall supporters will accept their fate.
It makes my blood boil in frustration at the futility of our lack of action. Still that’s it, weem Walsall aye we…



I absolutely concur. Missed opportunity today. Respect those who are engaging with the club, but we’ll be in the national league before any real action is taken. Apathetic fans, apathetic club, dying a slow death.

Bonser Out!



A heaven sent chance to highlight our feelings to as big an audience as possible has just been let slip by without as much as a whimper.



We will get another chance next season. I imagine the local derby with Solihull Moors will be live on the box



Boy that would be a crowd pleaser, we might even get over 2,000 at the Bescot for THAT ONE, years and years of history (in the making).
Perhaps the young ladies of England may join our protests in May?



Perhaps, just perhaps we have the club we deserve.

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I’ve not been on here for a while, had a lot of stuff going on. I’ve been in touch with Simon earlier and for me I think that we need to get everything in order in the close season with a view to pushing forward and becoming ‘present’, for want of a better word, from the beginning of next season onwards.

What is clear is that there needs to be 2 sides to this group - there is one that will concentrate on just Jeff Bonser and his running of the club, etc., and then there is the side that we can deal with Stefan and Dan about issues that can be easily rectified by them. One is very much short-term with the other definitely going to be a long-term campaign and process.

Starting things now plays into the hands of the club in the sense that things always happen when we aren’t doing well or slip into the relegation zone. Having the off season to spend that extra time planning and putting things togther for a sustained campaign would be much better and that way we can plan adequately for things to happen at certain stages, knowing what we need to get them done.

One thing that I am aiming to get done and started before the end of the season is distribution of leaflets to detail our aims and objectives as a group and to build a much stronger presence in readiness for 19/20 onwards.

Happy to take any critiscism that comes our way, but as it stands we need far more people on board and aware of us to ensure it doesn’t just fade away into the distance like countless other attempts in the past.

If anybody wants to DM me, feel free, I’ll do my best to answer any questions you have.



I’ve sent something, probably missed, few days ago :wink:

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Rob zero criticism from me, I have total respect for you & Simon and for what you are trying to do. Because that’s 99% more than me & most on here.

But I am ready to get behind a vocal, organised, media engaged protest that is united. As SWAG was of which I supported vigorously as a teenager.

Just think we missed an opportunity today, summed up by mate texting me to say Radio 5 has me commented on how stable a club we were.

We may not be on live tv for a while after all.



Ps: Bonser Out



Notice on the EFL show mention of various clubs including Port Vale who have exactly the same problem as us, but we were not included in that list, after all “We are a well run club”
Yet another opportunity missed, sorry WSC too slow, too ponderous, too much ‘old world charm’ such non actions will cause not so much as a ripple in our Boardroom. And who the hell is going to be interested in our problems as we play Cheltenham Town on a freezing cold Tuesday night in front of 1,767 bored fans?Nevertheless well done for having the balls to try something at least, just try to be a bit more ruthless…get Bonser agitated.



I walked out just after the final whistle yesterday past Bonser and Mole sat in the stand. The pair of them looked like they could kill anything just by looking at it. Well agitated if you ask me.



Do you think they will get fed up with Deano before we do?



Don’t be fooled saddla,they always look a miserable pair of bar stewards, it’s the weight of Bonsers wallet in his back pocket that makes his jaw sag! :+1:

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Who gives a ■■■■ what Mole thinks?? He’s a puppet



If the worst does happen and we do go down, I can see us being a mirror image of Port Vale.

Didn’t realise how similar their set up and issues are to our own.



Latest picture of Mole…