Protest: Turn your backs on 18 mins

Right let’s keep the momentum going.

What shall we do on Saturday ? I’ve been speaking to a few people and some good ideas all round.

How do we think about on 12 minutes (or some other number that means something) - the fans all turning their backs to the players and board ?

I’ve chosen 12 arbitrarily there as it’s been 12 years since our last relegation - and we are supposed to be the 12th man. Any other suggestions welcome.

Does that sound reasonable ? I’m thinking we need to do as much to maximise media coverage : photo opportunity as possible.

There’s lads behind the goal who will chant - I don’t even have to mention them - we all know who :slight_smile: Any other ideas chaps? I don’t think it needs to be anything too extravagant. It needs to be a lot of ■■■■■■ off people telling this joke of a club we aren’t happy.

Anyone still got any flags or can make one?

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I think that is a very good idea. It will show our displeasure at the pee-poor running of the club and the shocking surrender by the players since Christmas. Certain players, such as Ismail, should be left in no doubt how we feel about their no show this season.

Actually, our last relegation was in 2006 - 13 years ago.

My bad. I thought it was 2007!

Easily done. 2007 was a memorable year, the last time we won anything! - promotion from tier 4

I’d back turning my back on 12 minutes. As someone mentioned elsewhere it has to be a symbolic gesture. I was going to suggest we remain silent when the players come out but they’ll(the club) drown that silence out with the loud speakers. Maybe turn our backs when they come out?
Flags and banners will be confiscated, with or without confrontation. Same with any object intended to be thrown. We don’t need our anger to overspill into violence or other disobedience. I’m sure for the rest of the time at the game our voices will be heard. They’ll ignore us but it will let us let them know.


Spot on.

Good idea turning our backs on them on the 12 minute mark , or 13 which ever , and another good idea would be to stay facing that way till the final whistle I will imagine …
Seriously though we really need to do something , but the problem is getting all the supporters who don’t come on here to know what we’re doing and why to get them to participate .

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What I like about it, is that people who don’t know about will surely understand the symbolism and join in…

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Simple. Symbolic. Sorted.
If everybody that knows about it tells the 2 people either side of them beforehand it will soon catch on. The more I think about this the more I like it. Might be worth getting in touch with Joe Masi to tip off the E&S photographer. I’ll see if I can dig out an email address for him.

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I’ve got in touch with Joe on Twitter, will let you know if he responds. Really hope this takes off. Might be worth posting it on the various Facebook groups?

@Dhforever could you release a statement on the various ISSA sites regarding the planned turning of backs.

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Do you think we should add - “we want bonser out” chants to the back turning?


Seems a bit too polite for me …


Who was responsible for the Whitney Out banner unveiled at Shrewsbury? Could a similar job be done for Saturday - does anyone have a spare bed sheet and load of black paint to emblazon BONSER OUT on it? A bed sheet can be easily folded up and shoved down the back of someone’s trousers. Although it will be confiscated soon after being unveiled, it will get the message across.

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Sounds a good idea, how long do we turn our backs? Also I’m thinking if our heroes in red latch on to what is proposed they might organise a sweep stake to see how many of us they can hit in the allotted time, bit like footie skittles!! There again they are more likely to hit the car park attendants

If they try this maybe they’ll accidentally score a goal.

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If they keep taking banners off us we could get tshirts printed with BONSER OUT on, one letter on each. Problem is you’d need to find 9 people in a row to wear them.

Turn our backs protest tweet just read out on WM. Turn backs on 18, walkout on 88. Wasn’t elaborated on so maybe Lee the Saddler, or someone else, could give them a call.
Richard Wilford did mention Josh Gordon popping over for a chat yesterday though.

A bed sheet with a map on it highlighting Bournemouth, Luton and Rotherham, with their respective divisions next to their name. :wink: