I think the word “proud “ sums up how I feel at the moment .

Proud at the genuine sentiments coming out of the club . Ie we’ve not been good enough , this has to improve .

Proud that Pomlett has acted decisively .

Proud that so many good football people are now at the management level . People who have left cushy Premier League gigs to get dirty in Div 4 .

Proud to have Fullerton being demanding and tenacious

If ever we needed a fresh start this was it . We have it .

We need to get behind this big time as it feels like a real opportunity.

Lots of unknowns but wow it feels positive .


Good post Kenny! It’s always exciting at times like this, I’m looking forward to the recruitment, however, we do need to give MT time. I just want to see an improvement in our style and to see what the management team is trying to build. I hope everyone is patient and understands that the season after the next one might be when we really reap the rewards.


Thought this was a reference to the Pride of Walsall flag at the England game. Mind you some of the play has been about league two standard.

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Think most of the people on UTS would echo those words .
There’s always apprehension going into a new season but even before we make any signings I’m more confident than last season .

Do we have our Walsall back


Willing to give the new management a bit of time to implement there new style of play and tactics on the team . If we are around mid table or better come Xmas the standard of football Is getting better each week I will be reasonably happy.

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That is the last word I’d use to describe anything the Chairman has done.

Director of Football 18 months to late
Formulating a plan 18 months to late
Deciding to get a plan mid pandemic 6 months to late
Keeping Brian in the job for 20? Games when it was clear after 5/6 he was out of his depth then moving him on at the end of the season … months to late

Imagine if JF and MT had been given an extra few weeks to formulate plans

We are playing catch up with other clubs now. There is nothing decisive or to be proud of yet.

I’ll stress the word YET because these guys have got to be given 12-18 months to do their thing. Only then can we decide to be proud.


Thanks, Jeff.

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Good post. I agree with all of it and hope all our fans rally round and get behind our new team. LP and the board have done their bit and now it is our turn. Some people think LP took too long to act.I don’t agree and by making savings at the end of last season he has created the situation where we have managed to put together the best management team for years. Of course things might not work out but at the moment the Board deserve credit for their efforts. UTS.

No problem Dan

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I am always proud to be a Walsall supporter, but I don’t think there is anything much happened to make us proud just yet. Cautiously optimistic yes, which is a lot better than the feeling of impending doom of not so many weeks ago.

There is lots of work to be done but at least some positive decisions have been made, at last.

I agree Blazing.

Hoping JF drives this club forward from a football point of view

The focus should be on the Football as much as what brand of biscuits to be serving

With JF and MT having stepped from comfortable jobs higher up the leagues you’d like to think that if they weren’t backed (or didn’t feel they were backed) they’d soon up sticks and move on.

As much as we were all glad to see DC go

It’s safe to say that one of the reasons he was so keen to jump ship was that he didn’t feel backed. Not that I think we had any choice is selling it was a good move

We’ll have to agree to disagree .

Wrong decisions have been made , yes , but recent actions , words and attitudes have 100% made me proud to be a Saddler again .


As fickle as we can be, we’re easily pleased as a fan base aint we? The club haven’t done too much just yet but it just feels like we’re starting to do things right - getting the management team appointments right (on paper), we’ve just posted a little teaser of the new kit on socials so looks like they’re trying to get fans on board before no doubt releasing season ticket details.

I hope after the last few years we’ve suffered we really do as a town/club feel that post COVID lust for football and get some decent numbers sold and some proper crowds in next season and show our proud history as a club that we deserve to be higher up in the pyramid.

I wont get carried away just yet but to me, this finally feels like the clean slate and nudge into the modern era of football we all wanted after JB had sold up.

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Proud is certainly not the word I would use.

We are now set up on the footballing side a little more like a modern football operation. This needed to happen before we ended up where our setup deserved to be - nonleague. It nearly happened. This is simply a step in the right direction that any businessman worth his salt would have identified and taken - probably a little earlier in all honesty.

Off the field we are still a million miles away from anything resembling a modern football operation, lets hope this is rectified too in the coming months. I still get the impression a lot of time has been wasted in this area during covid, but then again, let’s see what the tickets are saying. Anyone that is proud of this side of the business obviously hasn’t seen the way some non-league clubs operate.

Improvement in standards on the pitch, caring for supporters off it, and I will be as proud as punch. But, I’ve seen far too many false dawns to be anything more than extremely cautiously optimistic at this stage. We do get too carried away heaping praise over things that other supporters at other clubs would take for granted.


There’s a lot of work to be done until I’d consider myself proud but am pleased there seems to be the early promising shoots of change on the footballing side.

Still a hell of a lot of work to do though.

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I’ll be proud when we’re out of this terrible division, but I am optimistic.


Agree, the situation with the club shop and it’s appalling merchandising techniques, typifies the way our club is still run. Why don’t you write to the club and suggest you take control of this fiasco, you could manage ‘part time’ what the club has failed to do for years. I have never walked into that tat shop and been able to buy a ‘Large’ shirt in all the times I have come down to Bescot.
I’m also unhappy about the tat build of our stadium (that somehow seemed to impress our new manager…how?).
It’s ‘breezeblock’ everywhere countenance has a stench of ‘done on the cheap’ about it that is an embarrassment.
That can never change, but our customer care must change, Walsall football club has to be dragged into a more modern approach… it is the seventies after all.!

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“An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you”

Another eternal optimist here!

New season, new hope. (Same posters bringing up same arguments, just changing names)

Up the Saddlers!!

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Pleased with progress. Hope to be proud.

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To be fair I’ve only ever Heard Walsall fans moan about Bescot stadium being crappy most people away fans and other people involved in football seem to be impressed by it we are either to picky or just see it’s faults because we are there on a regular basis

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