It’s fair to say that Bonser has the club sewn up like a kipper - nothing necessarily illegal, but morally questionable and ultimately an astute business move to be lauded in The City or Wall Street. Well done you. The set-up at the club is merely a ‘business as usual’ model. Throw the fans a bone every now and again when they get uppity, make positive noises every now and again about the team to fend off the local media.

However the end result is the slow but steady decline in the football side of things, evidenced in our impending relegation in League Two.

I’m minded to campaign for a total purge at the club, an evisceration of the entire moribund set-up. Definitely including Gamble and Mole and naturally Bonser.

This would damage the club short to medium term, but with the end result of eventually rescuing whatever remains, in whatever division. Or possibly, in the end, completely walking away from the club, Bescot and everything else and following a liberated representative of the town. As a metaphor, sometimes for a wood to regain health a devastating fire is needed.

Interested in hearing other fan’s thoughts on this.


How will you do the purge? I’d be interested in hearing the purge plan and how we can support this.

Something like this with these players…

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Mass protests, in a nutshell. Boycotts. Costing the club in money and police presence. Active direct communication with the main protagonists to leave the club. Involving the local and national press in our demonstration of collective discontent. Sustained pressure.

Anything and everything effective, nothing illegal.

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The dynamic duo are easy targets. I know that they usually come out with empty platitudes but what do you expect? They are paid employees of the club. No doubt they have wives, children and mortgages. Does anyone seriously think that they are going to speak out against JWB and the way he is running the club into the ground? Would you if you were in their position? A better target would be the other so-called directors, often laughingly referred to as “the Board” (joke!) a bunch of spineless yes-men who do not appear to have done anything to stop the rot.

We all know that there must be only one target for the fans’ ire - the holder of 65% of the clubs shares, who has milked the club dry by turning an initially small investment into a nice, fat pension pot and who has wrapped that pension fund up in such a way that there is no way for the club to get out of it without a massive payment to that greedy person. Thus, the club has been left with no viable exit strategy to get out of the mess and its financial future, indeed its very existence, looks bleak.

To the fans, I say - forget picking on Messrs. Gamble and Mole - focus your rage and actions on one man, and one man only:-

Mr. J.W.Bonser


I hear you, but perhaps said employees can bring to bear their own pressure on the main culprit. At the moment, they’re collecting their wage while being willing accessories to the problem. I say go for them all and see what happens.

Our decline is set-in and one-way.

So it’s not as if we have anything to lose.

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I don’t know any of the directors personally, so I can’t comment with authority on their respective drivers and demeanours. However I can ask questions…

Does it suit Gamble because he has a cosy, longstanding relationship with Jeff?
If Mole was a dynamic, go-getter would he have already moved on upwards?

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Finally someone talking sense. Gamble and mole do the jobs they are employed to do, and we know who sets the job spec. These are just normal people like you and me trying to do the job they’re asked and look after their families. They certainly don’t deserve the vitriol I’ve seen from some on here. As you say, direct it at their boss.


Mole and Gamble appointed Whitney and Keates.

They’re also responsible for the state of the stadium, ensuring we have a viable and impactful media presence, they don’t talk to the press, they don’t interact, and they couldn’t care less about us simpletons who dare question them.


Apologies for being personal but Mole and Gamble are clearly useless otherwise they’d be doing significantly better (in terms of their careers and no doubt financially) than they are working for a clown like Bonser…

How long would you carry on failing so miserably in your position given the obvious crap state of the club (in every dept) before realising you could do better?

If they can’t see this themselves then that just reinforces the point that they are probably not that good at their jobs and happy to take whatever Jeff gives them

Absolutely agree Coop, whilst we all know who is ultimately responsible for the decay of our club Gamble and Mole have both contributed to the clubs demise. People say their hands are tied, follow Bonser instructions!! They are quite happy to play the " what can I do " card, as stated before by myself and others in any other business both of these spineless yes men would have been shown the door yrs ago, they haven’t because Bonser put them in their cosy positions because they are both a pair of talentless ■■■■■■.

I would say that in the same way managers are restricted by the budget, Mole and Gamble are also likely restricted by a budget and what Bonser allows.


No doubt they’re restricted

However… there’s a lot they could be doing - but have either failed or don’t.

And his brother.

Let’s not forget he also benefits from the pension fund, has 10% shares in the club and is now on the board.

They’re good at giving Bonser what he wants which means they are good at their jobs and why he employs them.

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Gamble is the so called CEO of the organisation - he should be in control of the budget despite working for the owner and the good governance of a decent organisation would ensure he had the clout to make decisions affecting the performance of the business

This is the entire point of the debacle @ WFC as an organisation - Gamble is a CEO in name only and like many on here, I suspect he is actually in control of very little and simply a figure head to deflect criticism of Jeff and his evil ways…

Another useless waste of money but purely tactical for Uncle Jeff’s security

Reminds me of when Del found out that Rodney was looking for another job, so made him Managing Director of Trotters Independent Traders.
He was still working the market the next day :smile:


For me Mat, and I know there is little desire when this has been mentioned before on here and elsewhere I would like a new club to be created. AFC Walsall, fan created and owned so we get our Walsall back. Bonser has no intention of leaving, we all know it. Our fan base collective apathy towards what is happening to our club plays completely into his hands. He loves it.

I respect and admire everyone’s desire to get him out of our club, I to share all of your frustrations and anger. :frowning:


Just out of shear curiosity I’d love to know how much Hednesford are up for sale for, pretty decent freehold stadium with a 6k capacity, traditional terracing, and conference facilities. According to their website they are in talks with two interested parties regarding a sale, (edit, apparently that fell through last month!)

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Totally agree coop.

There’s only one person in control of everything and that’s Uncle Jeff. Mole and Gamble are there to do the donkey work and act as human shields for the self proclaimed saviour.

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