Q&A Session - 3rd August with Pomlett & Taylor


Right when the majority of people are at work. How convenient :roll_eyes:


2:30pm? :joy:


I assume it’s to tie in with the open training session earlier in the day but I too am a little disappointed to miss it. Still, it will be on YouTube and I dare say people who work in the evenings would have been annoyed if it started at 7.30.

Someone ask him how Brian doing


Questions around

  1. State of the stadium - deep clean etc
  2. Issues with Tranmere tickets
  3. Issues with new shirts/stock
  4. Lack of staff

Haemorrhaging money left right and centre

I’m off work that day if anyone is willing to get me a ticket?

The tranmere situation has been updated again today and the problem doesn’t seem to be our end.

But it’s much easier, and more fun, to be outraged at the club so pray continue.


Would hardly call it an outrage… more of a;

‘2 weeks before the game and haven’t got an allocation or sold a single ticket’

Still good to see clubs clamouring to get supporters back :smiley:

Only one question from me. Are we ever going to sign a striker

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If it’s not their fault , what exactly would you like them to do ?

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Also the stadium is fine from what I saw against Crystal Palace . All I would want to know is how do I get onto the ticketing site if that is going to be the only way to get tickets for cup games? Yes I am an optimist :wink:

Tried to order a ticket for this event but I don’t have "the correct privileges’. to get one!!! This is according to the site. I have only been a season ticket holder for around 30 years!!!

Are you a current season ticket holder and your account setup on eticketing showing that?

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We haven’t received any tickets from Tranmere yet. We have clearly pressed them about this, as have some of our fans directly with Tranmere. Tranmere have confirmed that they haven’t provided them to us.

Would all of you are criticising our club over this please answer the following question.
How can the club sell these tickets if they haven’t got them yet?


Yes but it still won’t let me in. I know others who are in a similar position. I spoke to he Ticket Office and they told me they would sort it before the season proper starts .I am just getting a little frustrated by it!!! I think I will ring them again.

You mean won’t let you into your account at all?

I can’t go to the Q&A but I logged into my account and then went to the events and clicked on that way adding a ticket. Seemed ok all the way up to the proceed to buy.

A Tuesday afternoon? Sorry, that’s absolutely ridiculous.
For all the good the club are doing, this decision has been made by someone who hasn’t engaged their brain. Poor.


I think I have managed to do it.,I reset my password and started again so I am going to get a ticket. It recognised I was a 20/21 season ticket holder so all should be well. Thanks for you help.

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How can they moralisically ban a loyal fund raising fan for what is seen by many to be a momentary mis judged faux pas ?