Question about Alan Buckley

Reading the other thread about who should be our current penalty taker, I started wondering about The Great Man and penalties. I’m sure I’ve seen him miss one, at least, but can’t think what game it might have been. Saw him score plenty too. :grinning:
Anybody know his record on scoring/missing? I know I always felt confident when he was about to take one.

im sure theres a story about penalties isn`t there

Missed one against Blues in 82/83 FA Cup.

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he refused to take 1 and gave dad the ball and walked away to the edge of the box

Yes, that was it. Blues were in the back of my mind but wasn’t sure. Was that his only miss?

he didnt miss he refused to take a pen
away colchester 74 maybe ?

I remember your dad scoring a pen when the Buck was playing but it was an away game that I’m thinking of and I wasn’t there. Don’t know what the story behind it was.

Missed against the blues mate, in the cup , in front of street end.

buck missed about 50 chance , said he couldn`t d take it ,gave dad the ball , dad kicked the floor ball still went in

next week at home 1-1 9 mins to go ,pen , ball on spot , no one would take it until dad said he didnt want it , buck scored

dad was on goal bonus every goal buck scored

Yeah, I’m remembering it now, would/could have put us through, Palace away in the fourth.
Shame the team didn’t get through, we were really starting to come into form the second half of that season, Mini Preece really emerging as a top player.

That Blues one hurt. Then Kevin Summerfield did is in the replay.

There’s footage of Buckley missing one at Swindon on YouTube. Bog of a pitch. He won the pen, got injured in doing so but still took it.

Unlike the year before in that last game at Sheff Utd where he got hurt winning it and didn’t take it. Don Penn stepping up to keep us up.

Not sure who we would of had. In next round, But sumerfield. Put paid to us in replay, Before joining us not long after. Redeemed his self with fans at
Anfeild tho


Seem to remember he hammered it against the bar?

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I remember my dad telling me of one penalty that Buckley took that hit the stanchion they used to have at back of the net. He hit it so hard it flew out again - and the ref thought it must have come off the post and played on! Luckily the linesman was on the ball and flagged to say it had gone in.

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I saw him take one of the worst penalties ever. I think it was against Gillingham - possibly the one re-arranged after the original was abandoned due to the main stand roof starting to blow off. Anyway, I think he decided during the run up not to hit it to the right as usual, and it ended up by the left hand corner flag.

AndyWTaylor - I’m pretty sure I saw that one too.

That’s the one I remember. I was gutted but he is still one my favourite ever Walsall players.

I remember that one . Buck and 3 or 4 others players off the pitch , celebrating in front of us.

Meanwhile opposition tear arsing down to the laundry end.

Mayhem ensued.

My memory too. Wasn’t it very early on?

I’m sure he took one at the Hillery st end against Oxford I think that hit the back stanchion and bounced out, ref thought it hadn’t gone in and waived play on.

Yes mate. And it was very early n in the game