Questionnaire for Walsall fans on the significance of football stadium names


Cometh the hour cometh the sponsor, The “Dyno-Rod” stadium anyone?


Individual stands to be renamed the Vileda, Palmolive, Andrex and Armitage Shanks stands.


Not forgetting the Domestos Bar, for those who don’t mind going clean round the bend trying to get a drink at half time…


In true Walsall FC naming conventions, surely only the Bonser Stadium would do for the next name change?


“The Venue, Palfrey”


The stadium of darkness?


Welcome to stadium pisspot with ■■■■ poor ambitions


Done it, although ,as others have said,not sure how useful it will be. Fellows Park has a special significance because it’s named after the man who bequeathed the stadium to the town in perpetuity. Somehow we’ve ended up paying nearly £1/2 M per year to play in its successor.


Aaaah - that’ll be the legacy of our very generous owner won’t it :roll_eyes:


The pot at the end of the rainbow was buried under the porch when ground remediation works were undertaken by GMI…


Ah,GMI,the good old days…when we were being shafted,but we were blissfully unaware.


Indeed - they must have loved building our new home! :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


The big loser was Hill Samuel, merchant bank. Can’t work out why but presume there was a pay off down the line on other projects.


GMI. Another piece of the jigsaw we’re trying to complete without having an actual picture.


Interesting stuff available on line about Companies that Mr Gilman has been a Director of:

Not sure about the Denglen link mentioned in the article but GMI is the key entity which has dozens of registered companies listed and he’s involved in a fair few (or has been)

He’s actually listed as being (or been) a Director of a total of 59 companies one of which is/was called GMI Walsall (Reg: 05388444) incorporated in 2005 and dissolved in 2013… not sure what that’s all about…:thinking:

The companies generally seem to all have correspondence to a Leeds or Boston Spa address/addresses so who knows where Jeffs claim that he’s a Walsall fan comes from :smile:

Just for info…


Uncle J had connections with Gillman before Bescot.


So it’s at least possible that,far from stepping in at the last minute to save us,the Bonser takeover had been planned from some way out?


Bonser said: "Peter is a long-standing friend of mine and a long-standing supporter of the club.

Another number 1 fan by the sounds of it … mmmm wonder how much he’s getting out of our club


The obvious questions that then arise are:

If they are big buddies, is there any coincidence (or other factor) in GMI securing the project to build the stadium (at what many believe was a ridiculously high price for such a construction project) when he was a Director of the company? - just thinking…

Or… did they become friends during and after the stadium project and a s a result he understandably fell in love with the club and became a ‘long-standing supporter’???

Just asking that’s all…


Bonser isn’t litigious. I used to think it was one of his few qualities. Now I wonder if that’s because he knows that ,in court ,his actions would be questioned in detail by a barrister in charge of the facts.