Quiz to pass some time

Bit of a quiz, perhaps unbalanced era wise, because I remember sod all about the last 15 or 20 years :roll_eyes:
Most of the answers are easily gettable from a bit of googling I suppose, but have a go without that (pretend it’s still the olden days, like I do all the time :smile:) and I’ll post the answers if needed in a day or two. Just to hopefully pass a little time for some of you.

  1. Who was the last player to score a penalty for Walsall in a League game at Fellows Park?

  2. Who was the first player to score a penalty for Walsall in a League game at Bescot?

  3. Which utterly useless Man Utd striker played a few games on loan for us in 2006?

  4. Which West Ham player scored the first goal of his long and productive career in a League Cup tie at Bescot in 2000?

  5. Which player who came on loan to us this century is the only person to have played international football for Seychelles and also to have played in the English premier League?

  6. Which member of the “Ashton Gate Eight” joined us in 1982?

  7. Which member of the “Ashton Gate Eight” was a coach at WFC under Tommy Coakley?

  8. Which team knocked us out of the League Cup twice in the 1970s? Note; the 70s runs from season 70-71 to 79-80.

  9. Which former Saddlers great gave Kettering the lead against Leeds in an F A Cup tie in the 2009-10 season.

  10. When George Andrews scored the goal to knock Newcastle out of the Cup, who crossed the ball for him?

  11. Which former Saddler scored a hat-trick for Forest against West Ham in the F A Cup of 2013-14.

  12. Which young midfielder did we sign from Wolves in the summer of 1972?

  13. Which players scored the two goals as we beat Macclesfield 2-0 on April 17th 1999 (and it was a BIG win 21 years ago on this date).

  14. Which former Lye Town and Walsall footballer helped Wrexham to promotion from Division 3 in 1977-78, as well as getting to League Cup and F A Cup quarter finals that season?

  15. Which Saddlers favourite from 2003 to 2005 started his career at Tonbridge Angels?

  16. Who came on loan from Bristol Rovers in 1997 and scored a crucial goal in the League Cup to help knock Forest out in the second round.

  17. Doug Fraser and Alan Buckley joined us from Forest in 1973-74 and were a huge influence on the Club, but who also joined from Forest the same season and started only one game for us, though he later played more than 50 games for Pompey?

  18. Who played just one game for us a youngster, before playing more than 400 for Southend in the 70s and 80s, being voted their POTS on three occasions?

  19. Who was our right back at Wembley?

  20. In the 2015-16 season, who scored twice as we beat Port Vale 2-0 at Bescot?

  21. How many of the goals David Kelly scored in the 1987-88 season were from penalties?

I’ll take on Q16.
Justin Skinner


3madd Timms
4. Jermaine Defoe for Bournemouth
6.Howard Pritchard
7. Gerry Sweeney
11.Jamie Patterson
14 Bobby Shinton
That’s a few to get on with

  1. Shinner.

Think Jamie is number 11 not 12.

Slipped up there

I’ll do number 6. Julian Marshall. He wasn’t very good.

Jamie Patterson should be No 11

9 Ian Roper

8 Chester City
20 Jordan Cook
21 None - Jones was the penalty taker that season

  1. Sure one was Rob Steiner, unsure of the other player

Purely a guess, Bjarni Larusson

Is number 3 Mads Timm?

And wasn’t everyones favourite ex PFA Chairman our
RB at Wembley?

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Quite a few that people have got right, a couple that are half right, and still several that have no answers. :thinking:

  1. Neil Emblen?

Yes according to wiki

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  1. Kevin Betsy?
  1. Ron Poutney
  1. Ben Purkiss

Cheater … :wink: :joy:

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