Quiz to pass some time

Stuart Rimmer seems likely for 1 or 2.

10 - Roger Fry

MGR - you are correct on one of those, according to The Story of Walsall Football Club

Still need answers for 1,2, 12, 13 and 17.

I’ll have a stab at some of those, and it i’m not 100 percent on any.

  1. Andy Dornan
  2. Peter Bodak
  3. Rob Steiner and Andy Rammell
  4. Jim Barron

1 Gary Shaw
2 Stuart Rimmer


1 Gary Shaw
2 Stuart Rimmer
3 Mads Timm
4 Jermaine Defoe (for West ham, not Bournemouth as suggested in an answer above)
5 Kevin Betsy
6 Julian Marshall - he was hopeless, must have been the worst player of the Eight
7 Gerry Sweeney
8 Chester City
9 Ian Roper
10 Roger Fry
11 Jamie Patterson
12 Doug Devlin
13 Rob Steiner and Rambo
14 Bobby Shinton
15 Neil Emblen
16 Justin Skinner
17 Maitland Pollock
18 Ron Pountney - I was annoyed for years that we’d let him go
19 Ben Purkiss
20 Jordan Cook
21 None, as mentioned above by Switlgc, Paul Jones was the regular taker, although Willie Naughton also scored one. Kelly might have pushed towards 40 goals if he’d taken/scored them.

Is 12 doug devlin

Yep. :grinning:

Funny , I got them all right now as well :wink: :wink: :rofl:

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You were correct on both counts. :grinning:

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