Radio WM whats the point {Radio dinges)

Just got in the car after the game thinking lets listen to our game for a change only for dingle fm play a piece with Geoff thomas playing All the way from the ground to home in bloxwich .Just got in and its still on have we even played to day Wm . whats worse this was on the other day what have we got to do to get on the bloody radio !

■■■■■ were commentating on ifollow

Wm is getting a joke though its still on after 30mins I thought we were a local team !

Wow and about 20 seconds from the manager thats nice of them!

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I’ve said this for years now ,Dingle FM is a joke ,I don’t really bother listening to them anymore.Only cover Walsall when they can fit us in ,usually when other teams arnt playing even then they have to meantion the dingles all the time

Haven’t listened for years,you don’t need to these days,I get all the info I need from the BBC app on my phone,and UTS of coarse.

…and VERY coarse it is.


Unable to make game but was on WM dab or whatever it was, franksie was commentating

I know the game was on but I was at the game and was looking forward to hearing reactions after the game on the way home not an half hour love in on the dingles lol

Well at least you were spared Alan

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Local radio should have been knocked on the head years ago. No need for it any more, save the money and put it into Radio 4 and the World Service.


Unfortunately, the BBC is fast becoming a joke and WM is playing merrily along.
WM’s ‘Sports News’ this morning covered these stories in this order:

England Men’s Football (correct)
WSL results
Solihull Moors
Tennis (no Midlands content at all)
Snooker (ditto, but is more interesting than much above it)

We weren’t mentioned.

How has someone like Paul Franks been allowed to rise to the top of a BBC organisation? He even hosts the drive time show! Some people must like the geezer otherwise he wouldn’t be in the position.

Can’t stand Paul Franks, can’t stand Mark Regan, Daz Hayle is annoying - Richard Wilford and Mike Taylor are the only reporters that seem to have any in depth knowledge and they seem to be bottom of the pile. Arrogant, big egos rising to the top as usual - all mouth, no substance.

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Have to agree with you on Wilford and Taylor.
Hale is harmless, Regan is still comptent enough to walk all over Franks.

basically WM has turned into a Villa call in, I know people call it Dingle FM but for me the Villa now receive the majority of air time.

Better ways of following our matches now anyway.

Bring back Butler…OKAY

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I like Richard Wilford and Mike Taylor, both are knowledgeable broadcasters and don’t project overt bias into their commentaries. They will say it as they see it - which probably explains why Franks and Regan remain the ‘headliners’ - a sort of shock jock type of broadcasting. Say something stupid to get the callers in and take it from there. You should try watching a match on TV but having their commentary on (obviously not one of our matches!). A decision that is nothing and can quite clearly be seen to be nothing having witnessed it is made out by Franks to be the worst decision ever and every Villa/Wolves fan (delete as appropriate) should protest immediately to the FA.

It has got its place but personally the quality of the phone-in/after match reaction is severely hampered by the quality of caller put through - some sound like they’re calling in from a care home whereas others seem to have just about grasped the use of a telephone :rofl:

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I ain’t paying my license fee anymore there’s only the dog that watches it anyway.

On yer bike son


Don’t let it listen to the news. It’ll be very susceptible to dog whistle messages.

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