Rail Seating Survey

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Just putting this out there and just a general consensus needed really, but if you are in favour of rail-seating being installed in the lower would you be prepared to donate towards a crowdfunding effort?

Not looking for figures off people of what they would be willing to donate, more so whether you would contribute anything at all.

Shrewsbury crowdfunded their rail seating so I’m wanting to see if it might be in any way feasible.

I personally wouldn’t use the rail seating I sit in the family stand 90% of the time . But if it helped create a better atmosphere and was of no cost to the club which I think could put the outlay of money to better use . Then I would be all for a small donation as I think many would.

I voted no because I don’t attend games. Best audience for this poll is people in the blocks. Or people who’d consider going. Not sure this’ll have a meaningful result?

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This is just one of a few avenues and I’ll pool stuff together

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By my calculations there are 725 seats in the back 5 rows of the lower, so at £75 a ‘seat’ we’d need to raise £54,375. That’s a bit ambitious. I see no reason why if, say 50 fans wanted to, we couldn’t convert 50 seats only as an initial trial run (back 2 rows in one block). That then might encourage more to want to get involved.

no way will it improve the atmosphere 4 games ago it was about an hour in to the game before i heard anything resembling a raised voice from the middle lower blocks. Does fitting these rail seats allow standing ?.Fans in the lower stand anyway and they arent told to sit down unless they feel unsafe doing it its a waste of money if you ask me.

That’s the function of them. They’re seats that can be locked in place which then means it become a terrace with rails.

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