Rail seating

Just saw on sky sports news .
Walsall say plans to install rail seating at banks’s stadium delayed after consulting fans

I thought this was something all the fans was on board with

Well it is… unless the club ask each fan to pay £75 to have it :joy::joy::joy:

Honestly it beggars belief doesn’t it? The club mug us fans off time and time again. £75 to pay for it really does sum our club up.

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I think we are the only club in the world who ask their own fans to pay for club infrastructure - and then pay for tickets on top of that each week.

How about increasing match day prices by a pound ? Surely, that’s a bit more plausible than asking for £75 each up front :joy: ignoring the ridiculousness of it all.

If they increased the rent payment to bonzo, he might get the paint brush and plumber out :joy: :wink:

I didnt know about the £75 . Shocking

I mentioned the £75 on here after the meeting and some fans were happy to pay it, I wouldn’t be. It should be paid for by the club like other repairs/upgrades.

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Shrewsbury funded theirs by crowdfunding. Fans paid for the safe standing.


Was just going to say that. Could be WFC just went about asking in the wrong way.


I get why the club asked. It’s the fans that want it. The current set up is more than okay considering everyone stands there anyway. As @Exile says, think maybe Walsall just went about it the wrong way.
Maybe they should have had the question as do you want safe standing (if enough funds were raised via crowdfunding).

As I put on twitter…

Was originally all for the idea but we stand there anyway and nobody is told to sit down. It isn’t needed. We have more important things to spend money on right now.


You watch the miserable bastards start making us sit down now … :laughing:


Guaranteed. “If you won’t pay for it you can’t have it!”


From the EFL ground regulations:

13 Nobody may stand in any seating area whilst play is in progress, unless the area
is a designated safe standing area. Persistent standing in seated areas (other than
designated safe standing areas) whilst play is in progress is strictly forbidden and
may result in ejection from the Ground.

It’s not a criminal offence to stand, however if you assault a steward who is trying to eject you from the ground because of the above it is.

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Think they’ll have to employ more stewards then as there are more and more standing , without upsetting or causing any trouble I might add so why …

Agreed, we need to spend money elsewhere at the moment. The most pressing been getting the fook out of this terrible division

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What a cag handed way to go about this. The survey designed to get the outcome it got.

The big picture here is trying to attract new fans to what would be a unique experience for professional football in the a West Midlands.

The questions for home fans in those areas should be about whether given the choice they would stand, find a seat elsewhere or stop coming. Only the latter response in enough numbers should drive the outcome that has been delivered here.


One thing about sitting at Bescot, the seats are so bloomin’ uncomfortable. I’m 6 foot one, weigh about 13 and a half stone (ahem, on a good day) and having to sit all afternoon with people sitting in the seats either side would crease me up. I’ve watched us over the years when we have been dull or terrible, but I think the one thing that would get me to do something else on Saturday afternoons is having to sit in those horrible seats. I can’t do it, my legs are too long and I just can’t get comfortable.

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Don’t go to watch a game at Loftus Road!

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The stands at Loftus Road always looked like those you could get for Subbuteo. Designed with similar sizes in mind as well, I think.