Rail seating

There’s much more leg room in the upper. No danger of having anyone either side of you in some blocks too!

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You’re right, I have sat up there and it is a lot roomier. And there are plenty of empty seats all round the ground for now, (except sometimes in the away end :rofl: ) but what if the worst happens? What if we start doing well and playing attractive football in front of big crowds? I’d be hemmed in then with nowhere to stretch my legs. :grinning:

The clubs attitude on this is quite worrying, but I honestly couldn’t give a ■■■■ about rail seating. I’d rather have a striker/winger.

Trouble is, we didn’t get one of those either :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think that the club may be skinter than ever which is why we have neither.

Yeah, I meant more “hypothetically”.

Yes we’re very good at that!

If the club is as potless as it would seem to be then it would be nice to have some explanation as to why.

Are you willing to contribute £75 to this striker / winger? :wink:

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would you rather have bought the rail seating and let Wes McDonald move to another club in January? :wink:

:joy: I’ve contributed a damn site more than that over the season!

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i would of spent £75 too get GAffney a taxi back up North

Ill chip £75 for a new one

I’m not that tall but I find my knees are poking into the back of the person in front of me. My son is 6ft 3 and he finds the leg room a nightmare. Neither of us would want to stand though.

There’s always the disabled area in the family stand

Id like the away end to be made for home fans and away fans to sit on the side at the end closest to the home fans just for that close banter and singing back and forth .that would liven our home matches up.