Rail strike called for July 30th (Hartlepool)

It’s looking likely that our opening game at home to Hartlepool will see a number of fans (certainly long-distance ones) inconvenienced by there being no trains that day.

It’s probably my fault - I had decided that the train would be easier (and actually cheaper) than driving, and I’ve bought my tickets, so I shall have to approach GWR and see about a refund.



Communist bastards on bourgeois wages and pleading poverty eh.

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I hope your successful in getting your refund. Very frustrating…I live in Worcestershire now these days, but like yourself I was contemplating jumping on the rattler to the game.

It will ruin the day for many.

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Blame the government for ‘taking them on’ instead of just negotiating.


There will be some trains running on certain routes, but I guess travelling from a distance and changing trains means you’re more likely to need a route that won’t be running, at least at a massively reduced service level if at all.

The operator I work for ran about 5% of services last time but may be slightly different on the 30th as it’s different union/staff striking.

I’d imagine in a few days the timetables might be out for those days so you may be in luck, but I’d guess the companies will issue refunds for tickets on those days if not.

60 grand a year my heart bleeds for them


Where are you getting the 60 grand a year figure from?



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Yes some are likely earning a hell of a lot more. But you can be on 100k a year but if the jobs not secure it’s irrelevant. More importantly there’s a lot more staff lower down the chain earning probably no where near even 20k who are in an even more precarious position with there jobs.


You talking about transport or the awful toothless football we will be forced to watch?

They’ve been offered a bigger pay rise than an awful lot of private sector workers including myself, and the industry needs some reform surely??


What a ridiculous statement, should we not sign a striker because other team have not also?
Do you know what they have been offered? Plus you saying that people should lose their jobs, so people at the top get bigger profit dependent bonus’ while endangering the safety of the railway?
Look back at major rail disasters, most have came as a result of a cost cutting reform.


Yes. Nationalisation will do it!


Obsolutely agree, shame B-Liar, our “Labour” PM didn’t, being the criminal charlatan that he was/is.

What’s the point if the job security isn’t there? All well and good getting a pay rise until you lose your job in the next few months. The working conditios is pretty poor too, more so for those on the platforms.

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