Raising Expectations?


I think you’ll find the original vote was in favour of exiting through the trapdoor, while the more pragmatic thought we would remain in League One…


After well over 40 years supporting this club, I have to say that my first ambition at the start of every season is just that we’ll still be in business by the end of it. Anyone who knows our history will know that hasn’t always been a given and we have been close to disappearing on more than one occasion.

You have to admit that Bonser has made us more stable during his time in charge, and I believe he genuinely does want us to do well and get promoted, but it’s all about making a silk purse from a sow’s ear as he’s never believed in speculating to accumulate.

Until someone on UTS wins the Euro lottery and altruistically sinks it all into the club (that’ll be someone who hasn’t got a family or a mortgage :rofl:), or our gates shoot up tenfold, you’ve just got to accept that we’re not a Man City, PSG or Barcelona and it’s just going to be mostly year on year of mediocrity with the occasional bright spot as a manager/player/squad comes good or we are privileged to be there at “one of those games”.

I hope that this season we are going to have “one of those years”, and what I’ve seen so far from the way Keatsy has got them playing is reinforcing that hope, but if not I’ll be happy enough that we we’re still here next August to go through it all again.

Obviously those who haven’t had their youthful optimism crushed out if them by years of stark reality may think being a solid Championship (if not Premiership) side is the minimum we should be aiming for, and I’m not going to tell you otherwise - I’ll just read your comments with a wry smile and hope your dreams come true for you, but I won’t have a meltdown if they don’t.

One day …