Reasons to be optimistic (or at least a little less pessimistic)

in the summer we will shed all of our out of contract players and replace them with a new bunch of journey men… and hope our manager can turn them into a decent team

OMG I know it’s all about opinions and I very much appreciate all of yours but if Flynn is still here and I’m pretty sure he will be , then get ready for more boring , tepid, hoofball if you are all happy and looking forward to that then fair play to you all I for one won’t be .

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I hear that the club shop have just ordered a batch of Walsall FC neck braces

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You said it (but the changes have to be QUALITY).

Shame we didn’t do that January but people said on here we shouldn’t for 6 months.

Let it go @cats :joy:

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And what is the bar for failure/success?

It’s pretty low at this club. I think finishing 10th would be regarded as success - certainly by the board, yet this is an incredibly poor division where a top 10 finish can be achieved through simple stuff like organisation and fitness.

Everyone has targets and is performance managed, except it seems our erstwhile colleagues at WS1


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I wish I could.


I agree cats - not signing DJ was a false economy


Great OP. Good balance.

I kept thinking “but, but, but” on all the points made but these pages are full of the buts so let’s take the elements of positivity that might just exist if we look hard enough.

My take

The board arent as thick as I thought, they have convinced Walsall fans that a good season of mid table mediocrity in the bottom division is just around the corner.


We are better than division 4. Give your heads a wobble.

State of it


I think I could have put genuine arguments against all the points made. Especially 5 which in my mind is a negative if you look at it from the point of view that one of the excuses given for Flynn is that you need time to build a side.

Who wants to be that person who finds every fault and has nothing positive to say though? I think I have gone a bit too far down that road recently than I am comfortable with. So I will just look forward to the season ending and as usual hope for better next season.

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Hope you’ve got a few more positives up your sleeve after tonight @KingCrod

How can anyone be optimistic with this rubbish. I have unfortunately renewed but will not be attending the last two home games and I need to see major improvements next season as it will be the end for me. I really question Trivela’s motives now if this carries on. We who have renewed have been taken for fools.


Im a fool for life. And thats the problem.

Taking us for granted but our commitment to Walsall FC suits the board. Maintains the staus quo, unless the owners wake up and smell the coffee.

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You were saying? :rofl: If we keep him in charge we’re an even bigger shambles than I thought.

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