Me and my partner were discussing a goalkeeper we both remember. Us fans called him rectangle because the first game he played for us, he just had a black rectangle on the back of his shirt where his name should have been. But we can’t renember what his name was. It’s been bugging us for a few days now. Anyone remember him?

I think it was Ian Mcloughlin. Had a decent spell when we had the raft of keepers come in on loan like Darlow and Johnstone

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Ian McLoughlin at Preston away

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That’s the one! Cheers guys

I used to be called square at school for some reason

Remember an away game at either Cardiff or Swansea when I was sat with the home fans and one of them mocked Tony Macken calling him a “5-foot cube”. He had a blinder and we won 2-0!

I was called the tripod at school.



Think I may have posted this before on here, but one of my mates from uni was given the nickname Oblong,because he wasn’t quite square.

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Yeha Mcloughlin. We announced the signing about 2 hours before the game fair few in the away end didn’t even know who he was