Red Highgate shirts are on way

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To all those who ordered the red Highgate shirt

We have heard. Off spall today, and said shirts are entering the final stitching stage and are expected ( unless anything unexpected happens) to be with me by the end of next week

The third production run of the white and yellow are completed and they will be delivered alongside red ones. As said at later part of next week also

This means spall have brought them in a whole four weeks earlier than advised at point of order And we again thank them, And. Wayne and Clare from ace for. Excellent service yet again.

So not long to wait now guys, as soon as I have them they will immediately start going out for delivery. And. For those. Who chose click and collect you will be notified of. When to collect from railway club


Well worth the wait…
These are quality :+1:
Looking forward to mine when they arrive mate.

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Not to long now mate. Hoping they come before next Thursday so we can get them distributed from railway club. For those who chose click and collect

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I found out my original red spall shirt the other day and tried it on :man_facepalming: :rofl:



Picked mine up last night, superb shirts made with quality material, well worth the money, thanks ISSA.

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Glad you are happy with it mate

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Elliot is chuffed with his Olly.

Yes spoke with him last night via messenger mate
Glad he likes it

White Highgate shirt arrived today and extremely disappointed. The fabric is top quality but the sponsor print is several degrees out of position - see attached picture. Did I luck out and get the only bad one or is the positioning typical of other shirts?

If there is a problem mate. We will get onto the supplier and try to get you another manufactured.

If this is not possible, You will be offered a full and immediate refund upon return of faulty shirt

These went out some time ago and no other issues have been reported , But I fully accept that is no consolation for yourself , as said please let me know. Which of the two options above you wish to take place. And we will action your chosen option straight away

If option of s replacement is took up please. Pm. Your original order number. And If this option can be done it will take. Around 8 weeks turnaround time

Please accept our sincere apologies for this unfortunate incident. But we will do everything possible to resolve situation to your satisfaction.

Regards. Olly

Do not go down the route of getting another shirt manufactured; it is not worth the grief. Do you have any outstanding stock of other vintage shirts? I would be happy to swap my shirt for something else if that was an option. However, I live in Perth, Australia, and the mail has been very slow since COVID-19 hit.

Please send us your original order number, and an address where your shirt was originally sent to
Unfourtanstley we don’t have any white shirts left in stock. At this point in time. As they where a complete sell out neither do we have any. Of the red or yellow ones. As again all completely sold out.

The only one I have here is a size 4 XL. It is in an unworn condition, but has been used for photography purposes. Only.

If this is of no use to you. We will offer a full refund. If you do not wish us to try and source another one.
Or there is the option of. The value of the shirt you have there being held as a credit. In your name which can be used. Against against the cost of future purchases. As we intend to do another retro release. Ie the deeleys castings one in the new year.

Please advise your chosen option so I can get it sorted this end.

I will send you a direct message, Olly.

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Thanks for sorting, Olly.