Reece Devine joins from Man United

Walking down the street…


A welcome signing, a left back who has more mobility than the concrete hippo

welcome Reece, hope you enjoy your time here.


Let’s hope he’s good on dead ball; we could all come to enjoy Reece’s set pieces…


apparently they are the nuts.

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Good signing, worth noting that he’s out of contract in the summer and likely to be released by United - so could be a permanent addition for next season.

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Overrated and overpriced for me!:wink:

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Have we heard that somewhere before?? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Devine inspiration …

Can someone tell me a bit about him please?

Eg what position does he play?

Found this on main site

"The Head Coach said to me that he wants me to come in and fight for my place.”



Watched the Bradford game last night it says in the video did we sign him on Wednesday then and the video was pre recorded?

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I just mentioned that on the other thread. Seems odd the club left it until today to officially announce?


Aslong as it means Zak Mills isn’t in the starting xi, then he’s a great signing already.


Agreed get him in the side tommorow

Looks like he played away at Galatasaray this season in the Europa League. I’m sure he’ll be able to deal with the atmosphere at the Bescot then…

Reece Devine vs Galatasaray | First European start - YouTube

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I like this signing to be honest, but we can all be sure he can’t be any worse than what we’ve already at left back got can he? :joy:

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