Refund package

So the refund package confirmed!
“ All 2019-20 Season Ticket holders will be able to claim a pro-rata refund to the value of their season ticket if required or alternatively claim the following Compensation Package:

  • Free ticket to a home pre-season friendly fixture;

  • Voucher to bring a friend free of charge to two home league games in 20/21; and

  • Claim a 20% discount off the 2020-21 replica shirt”

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Although I won’t be claiming a refund, I can’t say I am impressed with the package. . There may not even be any pre-season friendlies if games are still being played behind closed doors. 2. I find it difficult to get people to come with me anyway due to work commitments. 3. Men’s replica shirts never fit women very well so I usually don’t buy them unless there are women’s shirts available. However having said that, I will register for it and I do praise Leigh for trying something.

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Think I’ll take the cash.

This season Cats the mint away shirts were available in womens , so hopefully they will be again next season for all you Saddlets

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Dont want Jeff getting that bit of money in his rent payment

Decent that.

I was never going to ask for money back, not a chance, but I’ll use a couple of match vouchers definitely.

I reckon a beer and pie may have been the answer for most :blush:


Is the package the same for those who haven’t renewed their season ticket next year?

I read that as applying to STH for this season, not next, so yes…?

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Husband been made redundant yesterday (some good furlough was) so definitely won’t be getting shirt now and I’ll be surprised if pre season friendlies go ahead.

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Commiserations. Hope he gets a decent pay out at least, to tide you over for a while.

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Thanks, 31 years at the same place is hard to let go of.

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Sorry about that Cats.
An awful thing to happen to anyone.
Hope he finds something and doesn`t have to go through the absolute hell of the job centre and nightmare of Universal Credit.


Rotten thing to happen :slightly_frowning_face: Hope it turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

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Thank you all.


Commiserations Cat. I fear he will be one of a big number once the government support tails off. :relieved:

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Sorry to hear that @Cats, my brother in law was made redundant a couple of weeks ago after 29 years, he worked at a place where they made the beer pump name plaque’s, so i suppose it was inevitable in the current climate, make sure they pay him correctly, he should have 12 weeks lieu of notice at full pay then his redundancy pay.

Sorry to hear about your brother in law, I hope he gets fixed up with a new job soon too. Yes the redundancy pay is fair, it’s just getting a new job that’s going to be a challenge in these difficult times.

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Thanks :+1:, i don’t think the job centres are open so i send him emails every day from indeed so he can look online, he wanted to start a course on being a driving instructor but how that is going to work in a small car with social distancing i don’t know?

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He should be very careful with the course he chooses about 10 years ago my missus left her job at HSBC to go on a course and you have to lay out a lot of money there are 3 parts to becoming a fully qualified instructor first is the hazard perception theory test then an advanced driving test after which you can join a driving school and start teaching before the final examination when you are tested on been an instructor. My missus passed the first two and started teaching which she enjoyed but it was hard due to the recession and there were a lack of appointments which pupils often cancelled at the last minute the problem was she got locked into a contract with the car .one day she had a puncture and earned no money that day. And the only way ou was by not getting fully qualified which she probably would of done . Having said all that it is a carreer that works for people if they are flexible.

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