Relationship with DS and Villa

Can’t deny that, was just a point. I do think deeney rarely gives us any real credit mind.

Either way it’s startling when he mention the peanuts he was actually on here…

Well Tyriek Wright turned up last season. And Corey Blackett came in about two years back. Neither ripped up any trees but both now playing for teams higher up in league structure so think it’s more about the state the club has been in last few years with loans given some of the other ones who’ve come in from local clubs like Conan Ronan and that Blues striker who never played.

And there was guy on here a few weeks back saying Cameron Archer was offered on loan at some point this summer but Fullerton wasn’t interested.

Louie Barry isn’t even making the bench at Ipswich currently so think he’ll be recalled in January and be available on loan for any interested league two club. As ever if you don’t ask you don’t get.

In DS time here club asked and eventually got some really good loans in like George Evans and Hiwula so it is possible but club has really neglected development side in recent times and loans generally just treated as sticky plasters even with young players which isn’t a great look.

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Bax was playing very well end of 2013 season in fairness.

I know he wasn’t a loan but I’d lump in Downing to that, he obviously got a good word from Mantom and signed the same summer.

Cuvelier was also a very good loan around that time.

They were loans, or DS and JW scouted them as potential signings and sold them the club by loaning them? It could be said that there was some pattern in signing players. Quite cheaply. Of course not Evans or Hiwula. Different level then.