Release list

With this season looking like it’s over, with a disappointing mid table finish looking likely. I’d be interested to see who you would release come end of season to increase the transfer coffers.

For me…

Release/end loan

Guthrie. (too injury prone and unfit)

Norman. (played better recently but not good enough)

Adebayo. (Send out on loan)

Candlin. (Failed to make the cut needs fresh start)

Liddle. ( waste of space)

Cork. (need a better keeper to put pressure on robo)

Sheron. (Think we can do better than sheron)

Holden. (Too lightweight and inconsistent)

Gaffney. (TW## Get Rid)

Clarke. ( Good leader but lost yard of pace been poor recently only going to get slower with age I’m sure we can get a good replacement with his wages)

Kinsella. ( one of our own but for me offers very little other than effort and Determination, lacks any quality)

Hardy (send out on loan)

I’d go with quality over quantity the next window especially with all the youngster coming through the ranks why play other teams kids when we can use our own.

Didn’t Kinsella sign a new deal not long back?

And Clarke will be on a 2 year deal minimum, no chance he’ll leave.

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I sat by Clarke’s family at Northampton and his Dad said his contract was 2 years.

Disagree with Holden (continues to improve and works his nuts off), Sheron (only just got here and can’t be fully match fit), Norman and Kinsella (decent at this level and still youngish )

I agree with holden after that first 45 mins been the best player so far

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Disappointing about Hardy, despite the fact that he has never really been given a chance. After watching some of his stuff playing for Fylde I really thought this might be the guy that would net us a hefty pay day when Posh came calling. You win some you lose many (usually in our case)

Both CCM last week and now Gaffney have said that he covers more ground every match than any other player. Also said he’s doing extra work in the gym, so hopefully he will bulk up a bit. Still only a young ‘un.

Holden was VERY unpopular down at Bescot in the early days, lets hope for the lads sake that things improve.

Not with me he wasn’t. I was defending him months ago as were a few others (not too many I admit)

I think the two non performers (That DC was adamant he would be rid of) Gaffney & Adebayo would be the two in our squad that we can all agree on as being “not very good?”

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Bit harsh on a few players here mate, I agree Bambi, Guthrie, Liddle and Gaffney need to go at the end of the season. But I would be massively disappointed if the likes of Kins and Norman went. Kins is a Saddler and gives 110% every game and Norman always impresses me when he plays. I think people forget in this league your players won’t have 10/10 games every week. If they did they’d be playing in the championship.

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I think if Norman had played today their second goal would not have been scored. He would not have allowed the guy who nodded the ball through the free header he got.He was reasonable on Tuesday and I see no reason for leaving him out.

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I am waiting a bit longer. My release list would not be too big believe it or not. I would just get rid of the absolute ■■■■. Otherwise you are giving the excuse of-too much change. If we start off rubbish next season. Most of our squad actually are good enough for this awful division. It just needs a bit of football brains and a striker that knows where the net is.

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Why not release the the whole ‘board’. That are where we are now. No vision but have their pockets full of our cash???

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The loans are all going to go back presumably so that’s 5 to start with players that are ours I’d like to see gone are Liddle Guthrie Adebayo Sadler assume Candlin will be gone as well so that’s 10 players out of the squad for me that’s enough we don’t want another huge rebuild again.