Release & Retained

Disagree with Scarr and White. I’d have kept Clarke and Norman.

The goalkeeping debate continues as both under contract. Hopefully Fail will make us an offer for Roberts.

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Would give Roberts to whoever would take him too.

Clarke has agreed to go back to Bristol Rovers … guaranteed

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Dan Scarr :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Imagine offering White a deal and getting rid of Norman :man_shrugging:


How many of these do you think will end up with Darrell Brent at Vale?
They released 15 yesterday and put another 3 on transfer list today.
I reckon James Clarke is already on the A500 and Gordon is just going past Gailey Island.


Maybe we have offered Scarr a deal as the club are going to try and get a bit of extra money in by selling a shirtless Walsall FC pin up calendar for all of those inclined. Only real explanation I can see.


Norman has never been rated by anyone in management. Bet Clarke wanted to move.
Suprised about scarr he has been poor
Leaves us with a very young squad and no strike force. Which is just what we needed!!!
Total overhaul fair play


Wouldn’t have offered neither Scarr or White a new deal. Hopefully they get fixed up elsewhere.

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Happy with that list, plenty of wages released to start afresh and build a half decent squad

I think Norman may possibly end up at Vale. Judging by his social media he used to live Wolverhampton way, but now lives in the around Stoke it would seem.

Can only imagine Norman and Clarke have agreed to move elsewhere.


Bit surprised by Norman but overall seems ok and predictable if you think about it.

Nice to see some cack moving on


Scarr!!! Jesus wept!!!

Why we’re letting Clarke go and keeping scarr I’ll never know. I totally agree with all the rest.

Can’t really blame Norman if that is the case to be fair. Didn’t seem to matter how well he played compared to his selection rate and criticisms.

Happy with that overall. Surprised the amount of boiling ■■■■ still on here, given the events of the last 24 hours.


I thought LP said that Max and Delboy were brought in on loan with a view to making them permanent signings if it worked out. Now Yawn obviously didn’t do enough, but did Melbourne (especially given that if we’re letting CCM go then we have no other left back on the books)?

Tyriek (and the all the no shows we borrowed this season) was only ever temporary but is he worth an enquiry given that while he’s shown some promise for our level he certainly isn’t EPL standard at the moment and no guarantee he will make the grade for them?

Both have “formally returned to their parent club” but that doesn’t mean we can’t or aren’t going to try and sign either …

I’d have offered Clarke a deal. Unless JF has lined up a new CB signing, whose a leader on the pitch. Seems likely though that Clarke has signed a pre-contract agreement elsewhere, probably Vale.


Not sure about him, but more deserving of a contract than White. Wouldn’t be surprised if he and Clarke turn up at Vale.

We simply need a lot better than those players going forward. Let’s stop settling for players and start getting back to the standard we used to set. I don’t ever wanna see another lavery, McDonald again but I don’t wanna see another scarr either. I’m hoping we sign some decent centre halves and he’s stuck on the bench

:roll_eyes: sorry yeah you’re right. Get the bunting out that we are keeping Dan ■■■■■■■ Scarr.