Released and retained list announced


Out-of-contract players Liam Kinsella and Nicky Devlin have been offered new two-year contracts, while we have exercised our option to extend the contract of Callum Cockerill-Mollett by a further year. As publicised earlier in the year, we have also extended Kory Roberts ’ deal as he continues his rehabilitation from a long-term injury.

Joe Edwards , Kieron Morris , Luke Leahy , Jon Guthrie , Zeli Ismail , Chris Dunn , Jordon Sangha , Tobias Hayles-Docherty , Isaiah Osbourne , Cameron Peters and Omar Mussa have all been given free transfers and will leave the club when their contracts expire in June. We would like to thank all outgoing players for their efforts during their time with the Saddlers and wish them well for the future.

Long-serving club captain Adam Chambers remains in discussions with the club about his future both on and off the field.

Joe Slinn , Dan Vann and Dylan Parker have been invited back for pre-season training, while Maz Kouhyar , who ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament in April, will continue his rehabilitation with the club throughout the summer.

Second-year apprentices Tom Leak and Luke Little have been offered short-term professional deals.



Thanatos on suicide watch.

Think that’s a solid start to be honest. Id have kept Joe Edwards but can’t deny it feels nice to be rid of some of those names. Guthrie, Ismail, Dunn and Osbourne particularly for me.




Devlin will captain this club!



Doesn’t mean that Kinsella and Devlin will accept the offers



Good riddance. Some truly awful players on that list.



Both Kinsella and Devlin offered 2 year deals. Think both will accept - Kinsella has spoken before about how much he likes the club and Devlin is well settled with a young family in the area after making the big move down from Scotland.



The only surprise to me is Chris Dunn leaving. I assume this means that Clarke has a first choice keeper already lined up.



About what I expected . I hope Kinsella and Devlin accept their deals and the comment about Chambers is interesting. He would be a good role model for the youngsters at the Club. The Club also think that Cockerill-Mollet may have a future which makes it strange he was sent out on loan for so much of last season when we needed cover at left back.



Very pleased with the list… I’d have probably only offered Devlin a 1 year deal with a extra year in the club’s favour and looks like they are offering chambers a player coach role

Over to you Clarke build us a team to be proud of let the new era begin!!!



Happy enough with this. Don’t understand the calls to keep Morris and Edwards probably thinks he can play at League One level.

Above all, glad to see the core of a toxic dressing room disbanded. Have to presume Ferrier will be sold at the earliest opportunity or given a stay of execution.



Great that Devlin and kinnsella have been offered new deals… let’s hope they accept. Bit surprised there’s no deal on the table for Edwards. Suppose he was on a good screw though. So at least his wages will help the rebuild.



He may have informed the club he’d be moving on



Exactly the right names on that list. Also happy to see him invite some youngsters (who Keates/Whitney haven’t helped) back to training in the summer.

Dunn showed glimpses but Clarke will rather get his own No1 in which you cannot moan at.

Edwards hasnt performed to how he did prior to injury and is one of our highest earners so id be happy for someone like Sinclair to come in to give us more fresh ideas in the middle.

I am still convinced Ferrier will be moved on this summer too.

Happy all round.

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Squad for next season thus far

L Roberts, K Roberts, Scarr, Devlin, Cockerill-Mollett, Norman, Kinsella, Dobson, Candlin, Gordon, Ferrier, Cook

(Assuming Devlin and Kinsella accept)



I’d put good money on Sinclair being Clarke’s first signing.



I had two massively satisfying dumps today and this counts as the third, and probably the best.



Anyone else feel that huge gust of fresh air?



It’s not coming from my bathroom. I’d give it a couple more hours.



plus Bates and the 2 given short term deals. I hope that Ferrier stays and that the new Manager can get the best out of him as I think there is something to work on .