Released Players/Free Agents

Clubs with managers already starting to offload, and among the tidal wave of dross there’s a few interesting/familiar names bearing in mind the league we’re heading into. Matt Sadler on his way out, reckon he’d be more than ok in league two either left-back or centre-half. Gerrard gone at Carlisle (too fat).

Hope we get the manager situation sorted sooner rather than later!

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Sadler could be interesting. I see Grimsby released Wes Thomas as well. I would have thought he’d do a job for someone. And is it Carlisle who released two centre halves, who both played in the majority of matches?

Aaron Chapman who was Accrington’s keeper the year they won league two transfer listed at Peterborough.


Seemed a likeable chap the other week after the interaction he had with Walsall fans at the end of match. Would certainly be a good individual to have around the club

Sadler lost his legs at Shrewsbury which is why he went into centre half. If we wanted to play a 5 then he’d be great in those 3 central defenders and in a two he’d actually be a good foil to Scarr as they’re the opposite kinds of defender.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking, experienced left-sided defender, and a good footballer. Last time we went down we had some good young players but we added some real solid experienced ones as well. Ince, Weston, Dobson, Butler plus some others that didn’t do so well! but they brought in a level of quality that stopped the rot and gave us something to build on. Sadler to me would be right in that mold.


At this stage, players being released are either:

  1. Out of contract (naturally) and too costly - so we can forget them
  2. Being let go because they aren’t up to the clubs perceived standards (discipline and non playing standards I mean) - say no more
  3. Being let go because they aren’t good enough for the host club - if they are leaving quickly (ie right now) they definitely aren’t good enough…

Why then do people start becoming excited about these players being available? We are probably best staying clear I would think…

Just an opinion…

Can’t say I’m interested in any past it out of contract ex players of ours. Time for a fresh start.

Obviously there will be some gems in the free transfer market but I hope we stay as far away from Anthony Gerrard and Matt Sadler as possible.


How long before the ‘Lalkovic returning’ rumours to start!

Probably would do a decent job in League 2 tbh.


Because sometimes a player doesn’t fit a club, is let go and then goes on to have success elsewhere. We’ve had a fair few examples in the past. It can depend on the style of play, the manager, where the player is living etc

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Bradford released one who the club should have a look at imo once a manager is sorted: Paul Caddis.

Played at Birmingham for three years so could still be Midlands based and can cover a few positions in defence and midfield. On the Bradford forum they said he was the only player for them this season who could hold his head up high for effort he’s put in this season.

Billy Clarke is a decent player aswell but imagine someone in league 1 will picked him up.

Now bare with me on this one…Laird. I know he looked out of it playing at left back but in last few games when he was moved to left sided CB in the 3-5-2 he started looking like his old 16-17 self a bit more and added good experience and composure to the backline.

Depends if the next manager will play that formation but I wouldn’t be against signing him on a one year deal if he is.

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He looked ■■■■■■■ dreadful as the left sided centre back against Cov though. Like him but he’s done. Even at the level we will be playing at. Couldn’t get into Forrest Green Rovers side before he came to us.

Well,as long as he’s a “likeable chap”,sign him up…:wink:

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Sid, WTF is you doing on that avatar? Got any ganja? :wink:


He played left back v Coventry, Leahy was on the bench that day.

I thought he played fine v Wycombe and seems by reports he was comfortable v Posh and Sloppies so contributed to two late in the day clean sheets.

I’d take him as a squad option tbh.

The team finally found some defensively solidity in the final few weeks. If Roberts had caught that cross at Accy you’d be looking at just three goals conceded in final five games. Any manager should look at that, see the personnel and formation and try to replicate it for next season.

Oh yeah that’s right to be fair. Still think he’s ■■■■ though. Like I say, guy couldn’t get into Forrest Greens side. Not sure the improved defense is down to him to be honest. Scarr was immense against Peterborough and Shrewsbury was the most nothing fixture in the world. Disgraceful for a team fighting relegation.

Actually think Dunn coming in was the biggest factor. Not saying the guy was amazing or should play 40 games next season if he’s retainable but simply having a keeper who came out of his six yard box and comfortably claimed crosses really settled the defence down as they obviously had no confidence in Roberts anymore.

The basics were sadly left far too late. If you’re leaky at the back stick in an extra body. If you’re letting in loads of crosses stick in a keeper who’s a bit better at coming through bodies and claiming high balls.

It’s really a season of what ifs. Do that before kick off v Oxford and you might’ve been looking at 4 points from that game and Accrington and yet another season of league one.

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Not sure about that. Guys a walking accident and was a bad refereeing decision away from dropping an absolute howler agaimst Southend. I’d say dropping Guthrie and getting Scarr up to speed has been the main factor.

And by the way the defence has got a massive ego problem of not having confidence in Roberts is a problem considering the season they’ve had. The defence has been ■■■■ even when we were playing well.

Yeah fair enough on Southend which he got away with. I went to Wycombe though and he pretty much claimed every corner/FK easily so obviously didn’t affect him and Wycombe is enormous side even at this level with sumo Akinfenwa and all those guys.

Agree on Scarr, looked a bit out of his depth in league one but did start to improve towards end and last time in league 2 he played 25 times for a team who got automatic promotion. Source a quicker CB alongside him and you hopefully have Kory back and centre half shouldn’t be in that bad shape.

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We need a fresh start. No more old players and release everyone now that we can. Kinsella is the only one I’d offer a new contract to and even then settling for a Dobson/Kinsella midfield next season is worrying.

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