Relegation calculator (again)


It is football gravity though. The same gravity that will ultimately pull us into the fourth division because we’re getting comparatively smaller.

By getting Rochdale up me keeping them up he defied that gravity and should be commended for doing so. Ray Graydon got us up twice to defy gravity too. His poor record in the second tier didn’t make him a poor manager.


I have come to realise that football isn’t ALL about good managers/coaches, it’s also about the players and fans pulling in the right direction, the perfect storm if you will, get one of them wrong and it throws the whole kilter off, be it a single player that is disruptive, causing other players not to try for them, fans getting on certain players backs, it all affects it, a director that would rather take money out of the club rather than invest in it, so if we do get relegated then i suppose we have all got to take a bit of the blame?


Nope! I am blame free!


:smile: you shouldn’t have emigrated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Getting relegated dosen’t always make you a terrible manager though otherwise Klopp, Conte and Wenger wouldn’t have amounted to much.

He’s kept Rochdale punching above their weight over two spells for nearly a decade so I’d personally cut him some slack for a poor 3-4 months.

It’s similar to say Bournemouth. They concede lots of goals at their level so if they were in a serious relegation battle next season would that make Eddie Howe a terrible manager?

In any case Bonser and co will appoint someone worse after Keates I’m pretty sure.


definitely cheaper


Mini bag of scratchings?


21st on 49 points, best get looking at some league 2 awaydays…


4 wins needed
Fleetwood (h)
Oxford (h)
Southend (h)
Peterborough (h)
Wycombe (a)
Accrington (a)
There all winnable plus surprise point or 2 in the other games ( what’s all the fuss about ).


Did he really? Rochdale have always been a yo-yo club? Personally I think the last thing we need is a manager that’s decent in league two but ■■■■ in league one.

“Football Gravity” or not, he’s assembled a defence even worse than the one we have.


He hasn’t been relegated. He’s assembled a defence that has conceded the most amount of goals in English league football this season. That’s the opposite of what we need.

Bournemouth have conceded less goals than us, and a lot less than Rochdale have, playing teams like Man City, Liverpool, Man Utd and Tottenham so no, Eddie Howe doesn’t deserve the sack and is clearly a good manager. Rochdale are playing teams like us.

Only Walsall fans would pine after a manager whose been shown to be out of his depth in this league and also not the man to fix the problems we actually have after being sacked from a team below us rather than back their own or aim a little higher.


“S*** in league one” Eh?

10/11: 9th

14/15: 8th

15/16: 10th

16/17: 9th

17/18: 20th (disappointing but they had that amazing cup run that distracted and left them with about 4 games in hand over everyone).

18/19: 22nd

So actually a better consistantly at this level than DS achieved before it all clicked in 15/16.

In all those top half seasons they conceded more than 60 goals. Think this season it’s more their attack hasn’t clicked as usual, Ian Henderson not scored as regularly as previous seasons.


What?! So because they had a handful of decent finishes a few years ago and have literally always had a leaky defence it’s the attacks fault? :rofl: it’s the attacks fault in literally the worst defence in the country. Ok.

Yeah, ■■■■, or at least bang average at best, in league one


Not sure what to say really other than a manager with a bottom six budget at this level who has FOUR top 10 finishes in six seasons managing in league one obviously isn’t s***

Whenever the next manager change occurs and Hill is still out of work I’d be very happy to see his name on a shortlist personally.

In their entire football league history, which started in 1921, Rochdale have been promoted three times. Two of those are under Keith Hill in the past decade. Their 8th place finish in 2014-15 was the highest in the club’s history (since the football league Division 3/4 stopped being regionalized)

Their average crowd hasn’t been above 4000 since the very early 70s.

So hang on EN you say it’s medicore/average.s*** yet anyone expecting Walsall to finish top half these days isn’t being realistic?


This season no, they are not being realistic. I didn’t say it was unreasonable to expect that ever again. It’s called building.

Keith Hill, a man who has a good record in league two, an average at best record in league one with a budget pretty much identical to ours, whose just been sacked from a job where the issue is worse than ours in our weakest department is not the man to take us forward in my opinion.

But each to their own.


O.k I want an early night and know how “debates” with you generally go on this forum so will hold fire…:rofl:

Would just love to know the criteria you’re using for Rochdale with 4 top 10 finishes in six seasons being average at best. Just to confirm this is Rochdale and not Preston, Wigan, Sunderland or Bradford we’re talking about.

Four times in last six seasons he’s also reached at least the 4th round of something called the FA cup so I’m guessing going out constantly in 1st round and the budget actually wouldn’t be even on a par with Walsall…


Oh of course. I disagree so I’m trolling. Forgot about that. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Because he took that top ten team and finished 20th and 22nd with it, including putting together a truly dreadful defence instead of building on it. That’s why I don’t think he’s the man to take us forward. That’s his ceiling quite clearly. Mid table (average) league one.

But nah you’re right. Get Keith Hill in. Play offs in no time. Concede 60 plus goals as long as our strikers go on a ridiculous run it’s fine.


Wow just wow …

Where I wouldn’t want Keith Hill you have to appreciate all that he has done at Rochdale.

Blokes has done a mighty fine job , he’s probably just needs a change. To ridicule his achievements is barmy.


Ridiculed his achievements? I fully acknowledged his achievements? Getting promoted from league two.

You can’t just ignore facts. The guy has taken a mid table team and struggled for the best part of two seasons and put together a terrible defence. His achievements are irrelevant because those are facts.


[quote=“el_nombre, post:70, topic:2395, full:true”]
Rochdale were always a yo yo club?

Rochdale were never a yo-yo club. They were in the fourth tier from 1974 until 2010 and usually competing at the bottom end of that league. Usually looking to have a future far more akin to a Halifax, Darlington, Torquay or Hereford…until Keith Hill

Dismissing that achievement because this year Rochdale have conceded so many goals is like dimishing David Wagner’s achievements at Huddersfield or even Sean Dyche’s at Burnley.

What those three managers have done is take a club who dreamt beyond their place in the natural order of things and actually made it happen. Kind of what we need right now in my opinion.