Relegation calculator (again)


Accrington right in it now. Got nothing from what looked like two winnable home games and used up a game in hand last night, keeper also sent off. Barnsley away to come on Saturday and their remaining game in hand is Sunderland at home. Very much one of the teams we could reel in and overtake with a win on Saturday, and then we play them next month. Them, along with Scunthorpe, Southend, and Wycombe are on the dreaded downward trajectory. So important we get 3 points on Saturday.


Funny old game . Watching them run Sunderland ragged a couple of weeks ago ( at Sunderland) especially in the first half , you just couldn’t envisage them struggling - they were excellent going forward .

But if confidence saps …


Yeah we should just all agree at all times.


Got to say I think they are out of it. Poor results but they need 9 points from 12 games realistically. Win their game in hand and they could end up 11th, although as you say that’s the exact opposite of a gimmie considering it’s against Sunderland.

Think it’s anyone from Shrewsbury down to Rovers that are battling to avoid that last spot.


I did the calculator thing today without predicting any results. We were 22nd with 42 points. Burton finished on 60 points.

Why mention Burton? Well, I did it again, only predicting Walsall games and giving us 4 wins, 3 draws and 4 defeats. We were 14th on 54 points. Burton were 21st on 50 points. :flushed:

Seems fishy to me.


Oh my, really? 3 points from our final 11 games? As bad as I think we’ve been under keates, his team will surely get more than that? However, I know how it happens when you’re trying to predict all results, it’s only when you look back that you realise you’ve predicted Walsall to lose every week :grin:


Following that logic, if we win and overtake them on Saturday that would mean we are ahead of a team that you think are “out of it”? Fair enough if that’s your opinion! Personally I see 53 or even 54 points as the finish line this season, as things stand at the moment. Obviously that can change if a team goes on a horrendous run like we did either side of Christmas, should Wycombe lose to Sunderland on Saturday that would be their fifth straight defeat incidentally.


I think the simple answer is that we just don’t know how many points will mean safety. It’s not just the bottom of the table which determines it. It’s possible three teams will reach 90 plus points. Unusual, but not unheard of. That has has a knock-on effect at the bottom.


Solskjaer hadn’t got a great managerial record before electrifying United. That, and last night’s result, might be evidence for the theory that football management is 95% luck and 10% (sic) talent/expertise/ability.__This would explain why even the most successful managers nearly always fail in the end. Ferguson and (to a lesser extent) Wenger are very much the exceptions to the rule. Moreover, it’s often said of the good - even great - managers: “How would they get on managing Walsall or Rochdale?” Of course, managing with money (loads of it) is very different from managing with peanuts: it’s plausible to suggest that a good manager with money couldn’t cut the mustard with peanuts - and, equally, a good manager on peanuts (e.g. Graydon, Smith) might well be rubbish when given loads of cash. Let’s see how well Smith does at Villa with a fair wodge to spend: he is too new to judge at the moment and hasn’t had enough time and transfer windows to create his own team yet. He might succeed, he might not. Time will tell (if he’s given enough time to succeed or to hang himself).


I think it would be a massive step to be fair. We’d need 8 from 10 which is a much more doable than the situation we are in now. I wouldn’t go so far as to say if we win and overtake them we are in a better position though as they’d still have a game in hand.

It’s been a very rare occasion that that kind of points total hasn’t been enough to survive. Who knows though. Maybe you are right, it will be over 50 in that case pretty much the bottom half is still in trouble.


Success in Football is 95% man management , the talent is already there it’s maximising it which is key.

Take Pep he inspires through his philosophy and the players buy into it. Very clever man.


Man u are still the same players the special one ■■■■■■ off thats the difference


Exactly they have a squad full of quality but the handling was poor .

These players have massive egos must be a nightmare to manage them.


Indeed. A major skill of the modern manager is psychology. If the manager can’t control his own ego then he is unlikely to be able to manage theirs.

It has to be portrayed as all about them rather than all about him.


The difference a little run of form can make … putting the “fishy” relegation calculator through its paces with no input whatever (allowing the calculator to predict all remaining games) it has us finishing in 18th place on 54 points.

Sounds good to me :wink:


I did the same thing (with no input from me), and we finished 22nd on 46 points!!!

I don’t trust it.


That happened to me about an hour ago, but perhaps today’s results have only just been fed in to their system? Try again - it’s worth it!!!


No, the results were in. I started with the table as it currently stands.

I did it again, predicting we would lose the next three games but still pick up 11 points (putting in no other team’s results), and Bristol Rovers were relegated, with Fleetwood just above them.

In the one I did before with no input from me, Bristol Rovers finished 12th!!!


Just done it again twice - with no input from me.

  1. 21st on 49 points
  2. 24th on 42 points

It’s a waste of time …


Are you joking? I can’t tell?