Renewal of season tickets

Out of interest, if we stay up and Dutton remains as manager, would you renew your season ticket? I doubt that I will.

No. When they show ambition and a plan for the future then so will I.


Nope !


I will but know plenty that won’t. All long-serving (10+ years) season ticket holders. Very worrying.

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Yes I will

I will be buying my ifollow season pass for when I am in Spain but, as we are in the process of buyiing a place back home, will be able to get down the Bescot more often next season, and to a few more away games.

Cor wait.



I am not happy at all with Dutton or how things are going; but I love going to football and will always support the boys.

So frustrating though to see where we are now - seeing people arguing about whether clinging on against the worst 2 teams in the league is a positive or not… we should have been pushing to get promoted this year, not fighting to stave off relegation


I’ll go to a few aways games no chance I’d be getting season ticket


Definitely not


Same here said the same a few months ago and it’s got worse its about time some ambition was shown this is a joke we need casual support and floating fans to become new die hard ones no chance at the moment


This club offers me literally nothing anymore, other than total frustration! There’s no social aspect, no vision, no plan, awful football, important people at the club treat us like morons, we aren’t attracting any new blood - literally nothing to look forward to. Getting to the point where, when the country opens fully, I will keep an eye out for our result at best. I think we will be non-league within a couple of seasons in all honesty.

I know of 3 season ticket holders that will 100% not be renewing, all have been attending for many seasons. A couple are off to Rushall - they already had been attending those games occasionally even when we were at home.


I will be picking and choosing my games, more away games than home because the awayday experience is WAY better than the home one.


Yes I will buy my usual 3 because I am not going to stop supporting the club in one of its darkest times.I can understand those who won’t but for me this is a bigger issue than who is the Manager at a particular time. Walsall needs a football league club (it perhaps doesn’t deserve one) as a town and if my contribution helps in doing that I will be thankful.
Our current situation has been a long time coming so LP and the the new DoF will have a big job on their hands but the performances of the youngsters give us some hope for a better future. Perhaps young Campbell and Foulkes can add to that next season as we commence a massive rebuild. Incidentally I think BD will be here but not as Manager or Head Coach.



I probably need help.


As someone who probably fell into the die hard category for all of my supporting “career”, I will most probably be doing the opposite of your comment and become a casual supporter or floating fan. Will have to wait and see what , if anything, happens before August to sway my mindset back.


I will attend a few home games try and keep the lad interested and few away but that’s about it

Think I’ll be going in my own tho :rofl:

I’m the same and that’s why they get away with so much.

Really dont know left my money with the club even though could have done with keeping it after I lost my job this year Dosent see worth it if the club cant be bothered


Might attend odd game home and away but cannot see me attending often if Dutton in charge. As he is to defensive no passion.