Renewing season ticket

Just wondering, if the season tickets were being sold now, how many would renew? Although I feel annoyed at doing so, I probably would renew mine, more out of habit though.

I just find it insulting that the club would even ask to be honest @Cats given the lack of information about what the financial situation is at the moment.
Don’t get me wrong, i admire your loyalty, i used to be the same, but I had more to be loyal about before a certain takeover :wink:

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Definitely not. The product is abject.

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I will buy my 3 as usual because I am a supporter.


I think the club would be in for a total shock if they released their tried and tested Bonser MK IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Early Bird Scheme now.

If you wish to judge how many think there have been any real changes at the club, just look at how many fans think the party meeting will be a vetted whitewash.

I am fast falling out of love with everything Walsall FC and its very very sad. P.s. I’m a supporter too.


I will buy a season ticket when they come out.

Can’t help but feel the club are still continually shooting themselves in the foot. A sensible answer about the rent situation and you’d find a lot of people might renew. Commercially it could be in the clubs interest to divulge more than they let on


There is no early bird scheme as confirmed by LP in his last video.

I know. I said if they did.

I am convinced it’s now or never Rob. They need to act now, judging across social media and on here they are losing people and fast. Its gone on for too long, we need full disclosure.


Sorry mate i couldn’t resist :wink:

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The only sensible thing they could say in the circumstances

Were any worthwhile answers received to the questions put to the club today Rob?

Yes, I realise that but just wondered if it had gone ahead what the reaction would’ve been.

If I’m still interested come next season I’ll buy one closer to the time. Buying early to save a couple of quid really doesn’t bother me.

Il judge on the summer activities.

I’ll get Chris to update on the thread when he’s free as he attended

I’ll be renewing but only because the whole day with mates sort of revolves around that. If I was just going from my house to the football and back home again I doubt I’d bother renewing and probably just end up going to different non league grounds for a more enjoyable weekend instead so I totally get why some won’t renew.

This ‘blind loyalty’ shouldn’t be taken for granted though. It only takes one or two in a group of friends to get fed up and the rest might follow.


Early Bird or Late Bird, it’s irrelevant. The hardcore may buy in but the floating supporter and those who felt morally obliged, will give it a wide berth.

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It is ,of course, the hardcore who will be there whatever happens and those who drift away and come back should be pleased they are there. One thing I have learn’t over the years is that you just never know with football and when the change in fortune comes I will be pleased I stuck it out. As I have posted elsewhere I think this time it could be a long time coming.The game has changed beyond recognition in the last 20 years and clubs like ours are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with those in the top 2 divisions and others who have people in charge who are multi millionaires.
It can be done however with the right management and some luck and as a born optimist I live in hope.


I’ll still be getting mine even if we were in the national league or wherever we end up.
It’s in my blood. I cannot see me ever doing anything to harm this football club.
All this stuff only crops up when the team are playing badly. There wouldn’t be a word said against the management if we were in the playoff positions.


I will also be renewing, but that’s a bit of a condescending comment isn’t it?

Surely, we have to be critical when the time’s right?


It’s a fair point and is true, but if we were in the play off positions it would suggest that they’re doing a good enough job of managing the football side, the rent, and everything inbetween, so there would be no need to bring it up.