Replica Kits

Just saw that Brentford are keeping their home kit the same for next season, to help with the planet. Would you welcome Walsall doing something similar or do you like the yearly kit releases? I’d quite like to change home and away in alternative years.

  • Change it yearly
  • Alternate home/away kit releases
  • Don’t bother me
  • Like DC I can’t see any positives in this performance

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I’d need another alternative which would be “change it every 5 or 6 years”. I know Clubs wouldn’t go for that, but given a choice it is what I would opt for.


I agree, clubs change far too often. Strangely enough I remember buying a replica Walsall top from Stephens sports shop in the town centre only for it to be changed. I remember ringing up Tony Butler’s show moaning about it back then (early 80s) as it had cost a lot of money only to find it was out of date so quickly.

At least make it out of something more sustainable like bamboo. I have some bamboo socks and they’re like silk.

A case of Brentford being able to go without the income? Imagine shirt sale revenue is an important part of our annual budget.


Although replica kits have always existed since football first began, they only became common as fan-wear much more recently (from the late 50s amongst kids but only really took off in the 70s and most commonly it was full kit for actually playing in, and then sometime in the mid-80s older fans started sporting shirts as leisurewear). Designs have always been everchanging but usually a lot less frequent than now and tended to be more minor detail (cuffs and collars, etc) than full overhaul as many clubs kept to a visual identity.

Before replica shirt wearing became more common amongst fans going to games, you used to show your allegiance by wearing “club colours” mainly in the form of scarves and woolly hats. There could be multiple designs to tempt fans to buy several, but so long as the primary colour scheme didn’t change you could get away with wearing the same scarf for years without it becoming outdated.

I think the move to annual changes of shirt design coincided with the rise of shirt advertising - although whether cause or effect I’m not sure. What I do know is that it means that even if you keep the shirt itself the same, a change in sponsor (and the agreements are often done on an annual basis) means that would date the shirt too.

So - either we go back to scarves instead of shirts as our main badge of support, or we get rid of shirt advertising (or at least not copy the sponsor onto replica kit), or else we the fans are going to be stuck with the driver to keep up to date.

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The last time we wore the same kit as the season before was 1980-81…

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Its easy getting all environmentally friendly when you are laden with cash.

I’d be interested to know how much we actually profit on them, if they were reportedly quibbling over as little as a quid a shirt with Luke.

The pennies add up I guess.


I am happy for them to change it every year. That way I can hope the green will go :grin:

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Whatever we do the club shop still won’t have em on time and in your size.


True, suppose they have to sell 1,500 - 2,000 and make £20 profit per shirt for it to be really worthwhile. Then throw in a margin on shorts, socks, training wear.

I quite like having a different shirt every season to be honest. I’d hate to be stuck with this green one for more than a season, it’s horrible.

I’d be quite happy if we were still wearing the Nike kit from the title winning season.


Best kit in my time, that. Just having Nike on a Walsall Shirt.

Closely followed by the green and white squared away kit from the Sorensen season.


Probably when I bought the one from Stephen’s sports shop.

I really hope we keep the green especially as I have the red, white and green bar scarf now.

Regards the green kit it’s not my favourite either but we’ve had some great results and performances in it so far , so the players obviously don’t mind it .

I would have been happy with a LUKE one :wink:

I haven’t got a problem with green. I do have a problem with the all green kit exactly the same as the goalkeeper kit.