Reserves win at last

I see the development squad beat Huddersfield 3-0 yesterday. Goals from Willock, Bates and Maher. We fielded a much stronger team than usual with Leak, Perry. Bates and Willis playing. Reading the report looks like the latter played really well.


I wish we were still in the old Football Combination :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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And now they’ve lost again!
Still playing young kids against first team backup players. I know the squad’s so small we have no option, but this is stupid.
Can someone tell me what the kids get out of these games, 'cause I can’t?

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I don’t understand why the likes of Perry, Bates, Mills, Leak and whoever else I can’t think of in a similar situation don’t play in these reserve games. Where else do they get any/many minutes of competitive football?

Club’s scared they’ll get injured. First team squad’s so small backup players need to be fit to bench sit on a Sat.

I’m fairly sure that’s the case. So the preference is to have undercooked people on the bench who might fortunately play well if needed, rather than have them match fit with theoretically more of a chance of playing well if called on? I realise you can’t prevent the possibility of injury, but these folks are hardly playing any minutes for week after week and so it’s little wonder that they fail to excel when called upon.

Ah, but they’re brilliant on the training pitch according to MT!!

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I agree .They need minutes. I think it is unfair for them not to be playing some matches for us.Their futures will be decided on very flimsy evidence at this rate.