Restructuring of the board of directors

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The new four-person board will be made up of Co-Chairman Benjamin Boycott, Co-Chairman Leigh Pomlett and working Directors Stefan Gamble (CEO) and Daniel Mole (COO).

Roy Whalley, Richard Tisdale and Graham Whittaker will take up new roles as Associate Directors.

Peter Gilman has left

Gilman gone. Bonus.


Leighs idea of fan representation on the board went quick :rofl:
as I understand it associate directors aren’t on the board and are essentially senior employees responsible for areas of the business.

Good to see Gilmans gone and moving forward from that at least.


Does associate director = you don’t have any part of decision making but you can still use the boardroom on match days ? Essentially an honorary title.


Are any of the three actually employed by the club?

I don’t think they are employed by the club other then perhaps Whalley as he must be making something from those advertising deals surely?

Only time I’ve ever come across associate directors through work they were senior employees not quite ready to be full directors but I suppose the role can vary.

Indeed has it down as - The Differences Between Director vs Associate Director | UK

What is an associate director?

A company’s associate directors typically work under the supervision of a director. This might be for a single department, with each possessing directors and associate directors, or the company as a whole. An associate director might be responsible for several departments and their performance and functions. They may take direction from a director. In many cases, they’re going to use their initiative to meet targets. A director is primarily involved in setting and developing long-term goals, while an associate director is more likely to concern themselves with day-to-day tasks and objectives.

Like a director, an associate director gives instructions and delegates tasks based on the needs and abilities of their teams. They can guide and support others and handle issues personally to ensure that work continues uninterrupted. An associated director also typically conducts periodic performance reviews of their teams to identify areas for improvement. They may develop their ideas and strategies, which a director can then approve and improve by using feedback from stakeholders.

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Associate Directors don’t have much clout. It’s almost like an honanry title given to someone who’s served an Organisation well but you don’t want involved in decision making. Give them something to do. Make them feel important by attending the odd meeting. That sort of thing. Usually retired executives things like that. Makes sense given some of these people are well into their 70s!!!


Times look to be changing for the better.Years and years of decay are slowly starting to show little green shoots of improvement and that is something I am very happy about.


Move the oaps into the background but don’t kick them in the nuts completely and make them still feel important. Good move I’d say


Evolution rather than revolution as a certain Daz Hale once said.

Gamble and Mole now part of the big 4. Must be doing something right :wink:


How Mole continues to dine at the top table is beyond me!


Sounds like they’ve got them overseeing certain areas (Whalley - Commercial, Tisdale - Community Programme, Whittaker - Fans) and then they report up to the actual board.

They’re there based on their day to day roles…. whether that continues once Boycott has spent a year working with them is to be seen.


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The yanks will have him out within 4 years they’ll see straight through the bloke eventually.

All i can see is the same old wolves in sheeps clothing? all they have done (apart from introdusing the 2 new yanks) is moved the chess pieces about and repainted them, or am i missing something?

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Ur missing something. Associate Directors don’t have much power or say in anything. It’s just like a title to keep them happy basically