Restructuring of the board of directors

Agreed - should now be more accountability rather than just backslapping and telling each other how wonderful they all are.


I’m just basing that on the fact that he has sat as a main board director of the EFL, served on a number of EFL committees and represented the FA in some capacity. Yes, of course, that might be “jobs for the boys”, but he’s clearly doing something right, and having someone from Walsall in those circles can only be a good thing.

Interesting interview with Gamble

This is quite an interesting read as well. There are one or two things there that will have some frothing at the mouth, but it certainly gives some insight into his remit and his approach.

And, just to note, @Blazing_Saddler , I’ve had no dealings myself with Gamble so can’t comment personally.

I think he’s just been lucky with who his boss is.

Bonser would have been happy as long as everything ticked over and the Bonser Suite events went ok. He wouldn’t have been bothered about fans wading in piss, being served crap food and queuing in the pleb areas of the stadium.

Pomlett in some respects just carried on where Bonser left off and seems like too much of a nice guy to wield the axe.

I can’t see the Americans being too happy if customers start complaining and Mole has no answers.


You may well be right. Time will tell.

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I must retract the bit I wrote about personal dealings with Gamble, bit of a brain meltdown there, I was thinking of Dan Mole.

I’m not someone who tries to put people down or throw personal insults anway, we all only want what is best for Walsall F.C.


Simon Jordan by any chance?

On top of the general operations side being not great I’ve also heard similar things about their personal dealings with Mole from a range of different people.

No, it was on Talksport, but it was a caller.

I have been informed that when England U21 played Bosnia at Bescot in 2016 - Dan Mole acted like billy big bollocks and alienated the delegation from UEFA - don’t think we have hosted England U21 since then


You can just imagine someone from the club ringing the FA(or whoever they would have to ring) to ask if we could start hosting UEFA U21 games again, it would go something like this

WFC " hi i am ringing from the Poundland Stadium, and as we have hosted some successful U21 games in the past, and having just had some cash injected into the club via an American investor company, we were wondering if we would be considered again in the future?"

FA " do you still have Dan Mole there?"

WFC " yes we do"

Long silence
WFC "hello? hello? is there anyone still there?

" the line has gone dead"


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To be fair if I spoke to a delegation from UEFA I would probably upset them as well. Suspect our views on many things would probably not align🙂

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I think that’s moles issue, his has a massive chip on his shoulder and walks around like billy big bollocks do you know who I am type


Exactly, and with no basis. He’s a director and Secretary at a 4th division football club.

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The board of directors needs to have shake up it’s been needed for years we need some fresh ideas in the boardroom instead of having the same people who keep failing in there roles hopefully the new owners bring in there own people and we can start acting like a proper organised club !!!


It’s been shaken up !!

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Same clueless feckers running the day to day.