Retain or Release, ranking every player, and end of season awards

Our end of season special is here!

We rank every player from this season, discuss who we would retain or release, and dish out our end of season awards. We also look back at our pre-season predictions, and laugh at how terrible some of them were.

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Another good listen, well done gents.

I’d love to know why Matt sacked his brother though!

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Thanks mate

We’re too fearful to ask any questions :joy:

Agree about Knowles if we keep him it can’t be as a wing back I’d release Foulkes as well we need better if we want to challenge next season.
I’m with Rob about Harry Smith as well he would be a good Matt replacement.

Didn’t Harry Smith reject us last season and went to Exeter instead

Release Foulkes, Oteh, Matt, DJT, Meneyase, Evans, Riley.

Transfer list (begrudgingly) Danny Johnson :disappointed_relieved:

Yeah last January

To be fair to him, Exeter were mid L1 at the time from memory


Release everyone who’s out of contract and loan
We can do so much better

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Welease Woger


Fwee wadawick


@WestieJack might be able to confirm or deny but I’ve been told that the players have now all been told their futures and whether they will be released or retained and we can expect an official announcement this week.


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Yes, all meetings took place early last week from what we have been told

Cannot believe some want to release Foulkes, 1st year in the EFL and didnt look out of place, will only improve.


Early last week? Should be announced soon then

Sone people don’t seem to get the concept of players improving (or indeed regressing) though. They seem to think whatever they have done this season is what we’re going to get out of them again next season, which is why some fans are convinced without wholesale changes in the summer we have no chance of success next season.


He is a RB though. Never a wing-back in Sadler’s system.


I thought the release/retain list would have been out by now. Matt must be having trouble getting Gordon back from Burton…joke, joke!..I really hope that’s not the case.

That has been said a lot but I don’t know if it is correct. It could be but the biggest flaws in his game seem to have been defensively.

Wing Back is such a unique role, very difficult to be really good in all areas required. To me, I wouldn’t want him as first choice for next season, but if he his released we will also need a back up for that position, will we get anyone better to come and play back up than him, for the same kind of money? Who could potentially improve? I doubt it.


Do you think they’re trying to orchestrate a contract signing (good news) to coincide with DJ leaving (bad news)?

What’s the reason for the delay?