Retain or Release, ranking every player, and end of season awards

Yeah, settled for a mid table finish.


They need to get on with it and release the list. At least it gives the fans something to talk about during the off season.
Who’s on or off the list, plus the additional signings, will speak volumes of the club’s ambition for the new season.
Release the damn list!!

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Hi all
Quick update. My mates Brothers uncles, aunty works for a well known photocopier company. They have been called out this week to fix a printer issue at the Poundland Bescot Stadium. When they cleared the paper jam they noticed it said Retention List. Sadly the words had become smudged but she thinks it start with a Dou…

Douche Bag? He’s just been released by Bradford, must be some sort of mix up between their list and ours.


We ain’t doing too bad up to yet :smile: :wink: